TechAfrica News 2022 Recap – Bridging the Gap

As we reminisce over our achievements and favorite moments of 2022, we would like to, first and foremost, thank you for always trusting us to deliver the latest news and provide up-to-date insights for all things telcos, broadcast, satellite, and technology covering Africa and Middle Eastern markets. TechAfrica News’ success depends on the relationships we have developed over the years, and without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

On behalf of the whole team, I want to thank our fantastic audience for supporting us and everything we do throughout the year.

Akim Benamara, Founder and CEO

TechAfrica News Highlights

We embarked on new adventures and had the opportunity to expand our audience and witness the fantastic growth of TechAfrica News as one of the leading independent media platforms on the market. Let’s provide some fascinating statistics and facts regarding TechAfrica News in 2022.

We were thrilled to have reached a massive milestone of 12,000+ followers on our LinkedIn company page. Our LinkedIn page is crucial for actively engaging with the industry, and we were ecstatic to have crossed this landmark. Make sure to follow us and stay updated with the daily news.

In 2022, we published more than 1500 articles for viewers and readers to stay updated with the industry’s latest news and insights. Our editorial team also met with more than 60 industry leaders for interviews, which gave us a unique understanding and insights into the strides made to connect the continent and deliver the best digital services to the population of Africa. 

Introducing the First Edition of Our Landscape Sheet

While interacting with the industry’s big players, we discovered a way to share our keen observations and create a synopsis that will provide executive insight into this dynamic and evolving industry —the TechAfrica News Landscape sheet. We launched the first edition and are working on the next to support the key players in the notion to understand, better communicate with one another, and bridge the gap between the companies working to connect the continent. 

If you want to participate in the next edition of the TechAfrica News Landscape Sheet, make sure to reach out to our editorial team.

Keeping up with our interactions 

Our team is always looking to develop new exciting opportunities for the industry to reach out and share their success with our audience. In 2022 we launched the TechAfrica News Coffee Talks series that allows us and our partners to explore the ins and outs of the industry in a casual natural conversation. 

If you have missed it, check out our most recent Coffee Talk session with Shameel Joosub, Group CEO of Vodacom.

Expanding our Partnerships

As the leading media platform for Africa and Middle Eastern markets, TechAfrica News has been an official media partner of prominent industry events, including; MWC Barcelona, AfricaCom, Cabsat, MWC Africa, Gitex, and many more. The industry events are essential for the future of Africa – allowing the companies to connect and build partnerships for the betterment of the continent.

We can interact with industry leaders and partners while helping brands rise above the competition and boosting publicity for our diverse and influential readership. We will continue to keep you up to date in 2023 on the development of the market and the future of connectivity.

MWC Barcelona 2022 Highlights

The MWC Barcelona 2022 edition was dubbed “Connectivity Unleashed” and was focused on 5G Connect, Advancing AI, Fintech, Internet of Everything, CloudNet, and Tech Horizon. Our team was there to speak with the industry leaders and share their stories with our audience.

TPAY MOBILE is Ready to Serve the 770 Million People Living in its Target Countries

During MWC Barcelona, Sahar Salama, TPAY MOBILE’s founder and CEO discussed with TechAfrica News how her company is making e-payments and e-commerce work in Africa and the Middle East.

How Nexign is Using New-Generation BSS Solutions to Level the Telco Playing Field

Akim Benamara, TechAfrica News founder, discussed the current status and the future outlook of the BSS and CSP markets with Nexign’s Chief Business Officer, Maxim Nartov.

How SEGRON’s Testing Automation Solution is Redefining Quality of Experience

Rita D’Agostino, Chief Marketing Officer of SEGRON linked up with our Founder, Akim Benamara at MWC Barcelona. She revealed her company’s bid to take the world by storm by consolidating the quality of their USP

The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Audio Speech in Africa

During MWC Barcelona, SmartViser’s Gilles Ricordel explained how his company is revolutionizing audio speech quality in Africa in a discussion with TechAfrica News.

How Specure is Making Strides in the Spectrum Auctions Industry

Akim Benamara, TechAfrica News founder, spoke with Jozef Svrcek and Alena Santalainen, to find out how their company, Specure, is approaching 5G auctions.

MwareTV to offer premium IPTV and OTT services for as low as $3

Frans Blommestein and Cees van Versendaal of MwareTV, in a conversation with Akim Benamara, TechAfrica News founder, outlined their firm’s plans to change the face of content delivery in Africa

If you want to join the conversation and expand the impact of your MWC Barcelona 2023, reach out to our team and book your video interview or Q&A with TechAfrica News. Book your slot now!

Cabsat 2022 Highlights

ST Engineering iDirect and What They Have In Store For Africa

Chris Green, the Chief Editor of TechAfrica News discussed ST Engineering iDirect’s future plans for Africa with the company’s Regional Vice President for Africa, Pieter-Paul Mooijman.

Azercosmos Continues Successfully Strengthening its Positions in the MEA Market as a Prime Satellite Services Provider

Azercosmos linked up with Chris Green, Chief Editor of TechAfrica News, to discuss the importance of their satellite fleet in the MEA region.

Meet our team and share your latest product launches and success stories with the audience of TechAfrica News during Cabsat 2023! Reach out to our team and book your slot now!

IBC Amsterdam 2022

Es’hailSat – the Qatar Satellite Company and Their Continuous Growth on the Satellite Market in Africa and the Middle East

During IBC2022, the founder of TechAfrica News, Akim Benamara, had the opportunity to meet with the President and CEO of Es’hailSat Ali Al-Kuwari. They discussed the ins and outs of the Satellite industry and how Es’hailSat is addressing the market’s needs and continuously evolving and growing for the last 11 years.

MWC Kigali 2022

Seeing the industry coming together in Kigali for the first edition of MWC Africa was amazing. The TechAfrica News team had the opportunity to witness the fantastic strides being made to close the digital divide and better the lives of the people in Africa.

The successful MVNO solutions behind PortaOne’s footprint in Africa

During MWC Africa, Roman Khalenkov, Chief Commercial Officer of PortaOne, linked up with our founder to discuss their focus specifically for Africa and MVNOs.

MwareTV on how to build successful value-added services with operators while democratizing content in Africa

Frans Blommestein and Cees van Versendaal of MwareTV, in a conversation with Akim Benamara, sharing the ins and outs of the OTT/IPTV industry in Africa and bringing the FIFA World Cup to their clients.

With the first edition’s success, we are sure that MWC Africa will play an essential role in closing the usage gap and connecting the unconnected in Africa. We are looking forward to MWC Africa 2023!

Meet our team in Kigali in 2023. Reach out to our team, and discuss how we can help you spread your message with a video interview or a Q&A.

AfricaCom 2022 Highlights

For the first time since 2019, the industry gathered back in person in Cape Town. Meeting in person and exchanging with the people behind the future of connectivity in Africa and the Middle East is crucial for the industry. Throughout our interviews, we discussed the fantastic strides being made to connect the unconnected and the tremendous benefits not only for the companies behind this connectivity but rather for the communities all around Africa.

Satellite backhaul for Africa: Why it’s important and how ST Engineering is leading the way

At AfricaCom 2022, TechAfrica News had the opportunity to speak to Semir Hassanaly, Head of Cellular Backhaul & Trunking at ST Engineering IDirect.

The conversation followed the latest solutions and advancements showcased by ST Engineering in various sectors, such as aerospace, broadband, defense, and public security.

How NuRan Wireless is successfully connecting millions of unconnected in rural areas in Africa

During AfricaCom 2022, Francis Letourneau President & CEO of NuRan Wireless met with TechAfrica News to discuss the future of connectivity.

We discussed how they connect billions of people in rural and remote regions to a fast, reliable, and scalable wireless network through innovative and affordable solutions. Bridging the digital divide, one connection at a time.

Gilat Satellite Networks and their Pursuit of Excellence in Connectivity

During AfricaCom 2022, our Chief Editor, Chris Green, spoke with Doreet Oren, Senior Director of Solutions and Product Marketing at Gilat Satellite Networks

Chris and Doreet had a conversation spanning the various facets of Gilat’s operations worldwide, along with their modern technological advancements and vision for the future.

How Digital Virgo enables powerful monetization ecosystems in Africa

TechAfrica News had the opportunity to meet with Guillaume Briche, the Chief Executive Officer of Digital Virgo. Our discussion followed the progress and the achievements of Digital Virgo along with their future ambitions for Africa.

Digital Virgo Group is one of the leading fintech specialists across the globe. With 14 years of experience, they have been able to help the African people access goods, services, and content.

How Axon Wireless is Reducing Fraud and Identity Theft with Their Customer Enrolment Solutions

Taking the opportunity to meet in person during AfricaCom, TechAfrica News discussed with Justin Lipshitz, CEO at AXON Wireless, the future of customer enrolment and how to reduce fraud and identity theft in Africa.

With more than 12 years in the industry, they have helped various industry giants with their biometric devices and solutions and AI-powered machine vision to help customers enroll securely and easily.

How LINX’s Solutions Enable the Future of Interconnectivity in Africa

TechAfrica News met with Nurani Nimpuno, Head of Global Engagement of LINX (London Internet Exchange), one of the world’s leading experts in interconnectivity and peering.

Ms. Nimpuno talked about the role of the London Internet Exchange in helping Africa grow with their start in Nairobi.

Networking Night in Cape Town 

We were glad to organize and host the first edition of the TechAfrica News Networking Night in Cape Town during AfricaCom this year. With over 100 industry leaders in attendance, we were thrilled to witness the industry uniting to share success stories, forge new alliances, and learn more about the development and evolution of this field. We are looking forward to the next edition, but in the meantime, you can watch the conversations we had during the Networking Night. 

We had the pleasure of having Spacecom and ST Engineering as co-hosts for the TechAfrica News Networking Night! Thank you for helping us turn the first edition of our event into a huge success!

Ofer Asif from Spacecom on their success stories from the African market

In a chat with our Chief Editor, Ofer Asif shared how our co-hosts, Spacecom, are continuously committed to closing the digital divide and serving communities in rural and semi-rural areas.

Semir Hassanaly from ST Engineering sharing insights on their activities in Africa

With 2 years of no in-person events, Semir Hassanaly from ST Engineering and Chris discussed the importance of building new partnerships in Africa.

Chat with Roman Khalenkov from PortaOne on the potential of the African market

Roman Khalenkov from PortaOne shared more about their expertise and the opportunities and challenges when doing business in the region.

What I like about this event is that we can put all the formalities aside. We can really have a drink, have a conversation, and network freely in a friendly environment. I met some good friends from the past. It’s a wonderful evening!

Ofer Asif, Spacecom

Dylan Carver from AFR-IX discusses how they connect the African ecosystem

Dylan and Akim discuss the relationships AFR-IX built through their years of expertise and what the future hold for Africa.

Collin Millar from MTN Chenosis on how to build a network of API connectivity

We discussed how to build and develop new revenue streams for telcos and deliver better services tailored to the needs of the local markets.

Nkosinathi Nzima from MTN on providing digital solutions for Africa’s future

We chatted with Nkosinathi Nzima from MTN, discussing how with 50% of the population in Africa being under 25, MTN is creating services to meet the market’s needs. 

Networking is very important. Tonight, I got to meet different partners, different providers, and people from all walks of life and have the chance to chat. The TechAfrica News Networking Night is an opportunity for us to get to know each other outside of the busy AfricaCom.

Nkosinathi Nzima, MTN

The amazing TechAfrica News team is already planning our next Networking Nights. Stay tuned for more insights, networking opportunities, and conversations with African and Middle Eastern industry leaders.

Expect More in 2023! 

As we dive into the new year, we stay committed to providing expert coverage and analysis of important tech news and stories throughout Africa and the Middle Eastern Region. Stay tuned for more industry interviews, insights, and event coverage!

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