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We’re an impartial and independent online news portal for all things telcos, broadcast, satellite and technology covering the African and Middle Eastern markets. We’re also the fastest-growing news and information media platform of our kind.

Over the course of several years, we’ve provided expert coverage and analysis of relevant breaking news stories, industry events, and topical in-depth interviews. Currently, 37,000+ people from all over the world have subscribed to our weekly news bulletin.

Our team comprises some of the brightest minds in the telcos and broadcast industries as well as seasoned journalists and media pundits. We’re telcos, event, and PR professionals, experienced content creators, and expert editors.

We’re TechAfrica News.

  • Akim Benamara

    Founder & CEO

    Akim is a communications professional with extensive experience in the telco & media industry in Africa, committed to building a platform that allows the market to communicate and collaborate.

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  • Slaveya Tuzsuzova

    Commercial Director

    Slaveya is a skilled commercial manager, dedicated to the success of your communications campaign and to spreading your message to the TechAfrica News audience.

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  • Florian Foerderer

    Managing Editor & Technical Lead

    Florian is an experienced design professional and our hands-on tech guy. He has been working in the telco & media industry for many years and keeps our platform up and running.

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  • Kay-Lyne Wolfenden

    Editorial Staff

    Kay-Lyne is bringing her expertise to support our editorial team in producing timely and relevant news articles.

  • Aayushya Ranjan


    Aayushya is an editor at our team at TechAfrica News. An avid reader and a cinema lover, he takes pride in keeping the plants alive at his place.

  • Jon Kambani

    Jon is enriching our editorial team with his specialized knowledge, aiding in daily news and coverage in Africa.

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  • Joyce Onyeagoro


    Joyce Onyeagoro is an experienced writer and editor with a knack for producing timely and relevant news articles. She is part of our team in Nigeria.

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