Gilat Satellite Networks and their Pursuit of Excellence in Connectivity

Doreet Oren from Gilat Satellite Networks and TechAfrica News on accelerating the ground space harmony in satellite communications.

In the recently concluded AfricaCom 2022, our Chief Editor Chris Green had the chance to speak with Doreet Oren, Senior Director of Solutions and Product Marketing at Gilat Satellite Networks. Chris and Doreet had a conversation spanning the various facets of Gilat’s operations around the world along with their modern technological advancements and their vision for the future.

Gilat Satellite Networks is a global provider of satellite-based broadband communications with a significant footprint across Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the United States. They have been responsible for providing satellite capacity, managed services, remote network operation, call center support, and field operations solutions to industry giants and governments across the globe. 

In the conversation, Doreet delved extensively into the changes the satellite industry has been seeing. She mentioned that now is one of the biggest transformations with this new age of satellite communications. Gilat is calling it, ‘The Elastix Era of Satellite Communication’. She also went into detail about their new product, ‘Skyedge IV’ which is aimed at accelerating the ground space harmony in satellite communications.

Furthermore, she went into their long-standing partnership with SES and the Skyedge IV’s role in SES’s second-generation medium earth orbit satellite system, O3b mPOWER. The conversation also touched upon Gilat’s vision to uphold the right of people to be connected.

Our vision is that we believe in the right of people to be connected. That is very important to us, globally, not only in Africa. We provide to the most remote areas in Latin America, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the US. It is really in our DNA to bridge the digital divide. And yes Africa is a very important place, we work with many types of customers in Africa including governmental agencies, telcos, mobile network operators, and education projects as well.

Doreet Oren

The conversation also took a turn into their various partnerships in the African continent. She mentioned their various partnerships with Africa Mobile Networks, and Intelsat in the DRC with Vodacom wherein they are providing support for the ground segment to enable the extension of the cellular network via satellite.

Towards the end, she delved into their collaborations with governments and militaries around the world, calling it an “important strategic market”. Their collaborations on UAV, Man-packs, and enabling support for the new net-centric militaries were talked about extensively.

Finally, Doreet explained their advances in Inflight connectivity and international travel and how they have helped the sector with their resources and expertise.

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