A night to remember: Recap of TechAfrica News Networking Night 2022 during #AfricaCom2022

On the 9th of November 2022, the first edition of the TechAfrica News Networking Night was held in the amazing venue of the Gin Bar in Cape Town. It was a night to remember!

We are extremely happy with your interest in our event and we appreciate everyone coming! We hope you had the chance to exchange with the industry and had quality networking with a glass of unique gin in your hand. For the ones that didn’t have the chance to attend – we hope you see you in 2023!

We’d also like to say “Thank you” to our sponsors Spacecom and ST Engineering for co-hosting the TechAfrica News Networking Night with us!

With such tremendous response and encouragement, we received for this first edition, we will surely be coming back next year. We look forward to meeting you all next year and possibly opening our doors to welcome more attendees!

Akim Benamara, Founder, TechAfrica News

Our goal was to bring together global industry leaders and people driving a notable transformation in Africa’s Telco and communications sector, as well as friends and partners of the industry from around the world in an open dialogue, under one roof to discuss and exchange ideas, become aware and more engaged in initiatives taking place in Africa.

More than 100 industry leaders and executives attended the first edition of the TechAfrica News Networking Night! We were excited to see the industry coming together to share success stories, build new partnerships, and gain insights into the growth and expansion of this space. We had attendees from different regions of the world, all in various niches, including Telcos, Satelite Service Providers, and System Integration.

Networking is very important. Tonight, I got to meet different partners, different providers, and people from all walks of life and have the chance to chat. The TechAfrica News Networking Night is an opportunity for us to get to know each other outside of the busy AfricaCom.

Nkosinathi Nzima, MTN

Ofer Asif from Spacecom on their success stories from the African market

In a chat with our Chief Editor, Ofer Asif shared how our co-hosts, Spacecom, are continuously committed to closing the digital divide and serving communities in rural and semi-rural areas.

Semir Hassanaly from ST Engineering sharing insights on their activities in Africa

With 2 years of no in-person events, Semir Hassanaly from ST Engineering and Chris discussed the importance of building new partnerships in Africa.

We understand the importance and the need to meet in person with your clients, partners and industry friends. Our goal for this event is to create open networking opportunities, so everyone can walk freely, exchage and engage with people from the industry. We think this is the key to the success of our Networking Night – enabling people to meet and connect.

What I like about this event is that we can put all the formalities aside. We can really have a drink, have a conversation, and network freely in a friendly environment. I met some good friends from the past. It’s a wonderful evening!

Ofer Asif, Spacecom

Chat with Roman Khalenkov from PortaOne on the potential of the African market

Roman Khalenkov from PortaOne shared with us more about their expertise and what are the opportunities and challenges when doing business in the region.

Nkosinathi Nzima from MTN on providing digital solutions for Africa’s future

We had a chat with Nkosinathi Nzima from MTN, discussing how with 50% of the population in Africa being under 25 and how MTN is creating services to meet the needs of the market. 

TechAfrica News met with many of the industry leaders during the MEA events this year and it doesn’t matter who do we speak with the topic of partnerships is always on focus. Building relationships, creating partnerships and cooperation is the key to successfully connecting Africa. With our Networking events we want to enable this conversations and create a space for like minded people to exhange.

The TechAfrica News Networking Night has been wonderful. We have met a lot of people from the industry and the gin is great. It has been a great event, looking forward to be back next year!

Roman Khalenkov, PortaOne

Dylan Carver from AFR-IX discusses how they connect the African ecosystem

Dylan and Akim discuss the relationships AFR-IX built through their years of expertise and what does the future hold for Africa.

Collin Millar from MTN Chenosis on how to build a network of API connectivity

We discussed how to build and develop new revenue streams for telcos and deliver better services tailored to the needs of the local markets.

In the next 5 years we will continue to observe a growing, but more consolidated market. I think we will see a reshuffle in the way that carriers have been working and they will move from leasing model to infrastructure ownership model.

Dylan Carver, AFR-IX

We are already planning our next Networking Nights so stay tuned for more insights, networking opportunities and conversations with the industry leaders in Africa and the Middle East.

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Check the behind the scenes photos of the first Networking Night edition in Cape Town!

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