How Nexign is Using New-Generation BSS Solutions to Level the Telco Playing Field

Akim Benamara, TechAfrica News founder, discussed the current status and the future outlook of the BSS and CSP markets with Nexign’s Chief Business Officer, Maxim Nartov.

Good to see you at MWC! What are you here to showcase? Also, can you tell us a bit about your background?

Our company has been offering telecom BSS solutions for the past 30 years. It is our main focus alongside supporting digital transformation in core business areas of telco.

I believe our product has unique positioning addressing the growing demand for convergence. We come from the market where post- and prepaid were balanced from day one which is different to the traditional western focus on post-paid and the developing focus on prepaid solutions. Having both approaches in the same real-time stack allows our customers to benefit from changing economic conditions and customer demand, and makes the choice easy.

We believe Africa can benefit immensely from our in-depth knowledge and expertise. We are here to lend a hand to their digitalization campaign


As an addition to BSS, we’ve created what we call Microservices Framework” that enables internal innovations on CSP side. It is a next-to-BSS tool that handles CI/CD (continuous integration and deployment) practices that are mandatory in the rapidly evolving digital era. It enables our clients to test and deploy solutions faster so that they can speed up market adaptation for their products and service, or boost the ecosystem development.

One more thing we brought here is a set of employee experience tools that proved to be quite handy in the early days of the pandemic. With those tools as well as our streamlined service methodologies, we were able to move to the remote mode in a few days without sacrificing our productivity or the high quality of our services. We also kept our employees fully engaged during the entire lockdown period. We have customers using Employee Experience as we speak. Now we are ready to share it with the entire market.

There is fierce competition between telco companies and big technology corporations. As an industry player, what is your stance on that?

Competition is good for the industry. However, the playing field has to be leveled. “Coopetition” (cooperative competition) may be a better word as I see those two moving closer to each other. You cannot be a telecom company now without being a digital one. It’s a business choice of course, but we see a lot of players coming to this space. The tools we are bringing especially help telecom companies to develop this competence, to support this competence and to be able to handle it. Traditional CSPs and Digital Companies are now converged, and part of this conversion is the cooperation on the market. We see more and more conversations about the ecosystem because you can’t do everything yourself. Our microservices framework was one of the tools enabling one to build this ecosystem faster.

Competition is good for the industry. Still, the playing field has to be leveled out. Everybody should be given a fair chance. And we support CSPs in adjusting their practices to fit this world.


Another area of fierce competition is people. At this day and age, companies are competing for talents. Companies must consider these talents and how they work, the tools they use and how fast they can develop, deliver and launch new services. Being an IT company, we have made a lot of effort in this area and we believe our employee experience products stemming from those efforts may help DSPs be comfortable growing and supporting their talents and teams. 

When we look at the African market, we see that the MNOs are making a transition from being classical mobile network operators to companies that provide digital services. How important is this market for you and how do you see the developments there?

The African market has a lot of potential. And we take a very strategic approach towards serving it. As I speak, we are working to enhance our footprint on the continent. Currently, we have a presence in Mauritania and we have the vision to expand into other African countries. We believe Africa can benefit immensely from our in-depth knowledge and expertise. We are here to help African CSPs in their digitalization campaign.

The GSMA recently voiced plans to organize an MWC Africa this year in Rwanda. Have you heard about it? If so, are you looking to take part?

As I previously stated, I believe the African market is a great prospect. So, the team will be discussing the MWC Africa event to see how to approach it.

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