Bayobab Zambia Secures MTN Fiber Assets, Bolsters Digital Infrastructure

Bayobab’s acquisition of MTN’s fiber assets enhances infrastructure, positioning Zambia as a digital hub.

Bayobab has marked a significant stride in its digital journey with the successful structural separation and acquisition of fibre assets from MTN Zambia. This pivotal move underscores Bayobab’s commitment to its Ambition 2025 agenda and strategic expansion goals.

The transfer of these assets is not merely a transaction but a testament to Bayobab’s strategic vision. By integrating these assets into its infrastructure, Bayobab enhances operational efficiency, optimizes network traffic, and elevates bandwidth utilization. This, in turn, promises unmatched service quality and reliability for customers spanning the region.

With over 7,100 kilometers of fiber infrastructure nationwide, Bayobab Zambia solidifies its position as a key player in Zambia’s telecommunications landscape. As one of the largest fiber infrastructure companies in the country, Bayobab Zambia establishes itself as a cornerstone for dependable and accessible telecom services.

The acquisition of MTN’s fiber assets holds strategic importance, significantly amplifying cross-border connectivity. This development positions Zambia as a burgeoning digital hub, fostering seamless communication and collaboration across borders.

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