MVola Launches MVola Fô! for Universal Financial Access in Madagascar

MVola introduces MVola Fô! allowing all Malagasy citizens to access financial services easily via smartphone.

MVola, 1st first FinTech in Madagascar and part of the responsible pan-African AXIAN group, is expanding its accessibility to all Malagasy with the launch of MVola Fô! This new offering allows every citizen to open an account through the Super App MVola, regardless of their phone number. To do this, simply download the Super App MVola from an Android or iOS smartphone. From there, MVola guarantees a process that is always simple, immediate, and secure.

This represents a major advancement in financial and digital inclusion, thereby facilitating access to all MVola financial services, such as deposits and withdrawals at all sales points across the country, money transfers, and purchasing mobile credit for others. Moreover, it is possible to top up your MVola account with a bank card and even receive funds from abroad.

Since 2010, MVola has been committed to promoting financial inclusion in Madagascar and offering every Malagasy the same opportunities for success as the rest of the world, through services that are both internationally compliant and affordable. MVola Fô! embodies this commitment to beat in unison with the country.

Launching MVola Fô! means responding directly to the expectations of the Malagasy people. Our ambition, since our inception in 2010, has always been to make financial services as inclusive as possible. We firmly believe that every Malagasy, wherever they are and whatever their means, deserves access to quality, state-of-the-art financial services. MVola Fô! embodies this vision by offering simplified, universal access to all our services. We are proud to be at the heart of the Malagasy people’s daily lives and to contribute to Madagascar’s development. 

Louis-Olivier Favot, CEO, MVola

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