Telebirr SuperApp Launches ‘telebirr Engage’ Feature, Revolutionizing Digital Engagement and Transactions

The company introduces telebirr Engage on telebirr SuperApp, enabling seamless communication, social engagement, and digital transactions.

Far beyond ensuring its core connectivity services nationwide, Ethio Telecom, a pioneer in Africa’s telecom sector with 130 years of dedicated service to the nation and people, is actively leading significant infrastructure projects crucial for societal transformation and economic development. In addition, the Ethio Telecom is significantly geared towards advancing Digital Ethiopia by widely introducing and making digital solutions accessible as enablers and providing comprehensive digital solutions to sustainably simplify the day-to-day life of the society, modernize the businesses and institutions operational activities, and meet their technological and digital needs so as to empower them with a superior experience.

In alignment with these commitments, Ethio Telecom has officially launched a new feature called telebirr Engage on telebirr SuperApp, where customers can transact, socialize, and share via text, picture, QR, Audio or Video. With this feature, the customers can easily exchange information, enrich their business transactions, and enhance social engagement free of internet charges and settle digital payments in addition to telebirr’s existing multiple functions such as digital transaction, money transfer, digital finance services and hosting numerous other applications-all in one solution.

The new telebirr Engage empowers individual and business customers to engage in one-on-one or group live chats, share information, and seamlessly request, send, and receive money as well as share bill during conversations. Additionally, it enables customers to access a range of digital services, including purchasing mobile packages or airtime for themselves and others, all within a single platform. This marks a significant advancement for the telebirr SuperApp. Furthermore, the service introduces a novel feature enabling customers to send individual or group best wish messages along with monetary gifts to be divided among group members equally or criteria based in connection with holidays or social events.

The new telebirr Engage allows customers to transact business or other personal issues through text, photos, audio, videos, documents, and files. It also enables them to engage in individual and group chats, send friend requests, share QR codes, request for money, share locations, and access various services such as purchasing mobile packages or airtime for themselves and others within a unified platform. 

In addition, Ethio Telecom presents its innovative and inclusive developer’s portal that allows organizations that wish to integrate their system with telebirr to perform system testing. It enables the organizations to be accessible to over 44 Million telebirr’s customers and release their products & services with shorter time to market. This platform is designed to enable the partners to conduct pre-integration testing and sandbox testing before integrating into the primary telebirr system. The service encompasses a build environment, system testing, and a runtime environment, along with documentation, instructions, video tutorials, sample codes, API references, and other valuable tools tailored for developers. The Developer Portal is envisioned to establish an environment for software developers to seamlessly integrate with Ethio Telecom’s systems, foster a collaborative culture, share expertise, cultivate an online community of developers, and ensures inclusive, and innovative ecosystem.

In conclusion, telebirr has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing digital payments, promoting financial inclusion, modernizing businesses and government entities to enhance productivity, and implementing cost-effective practices. The platform has been instrumental in driving the advancement of the country’s digital economy. We will also announce new services that take the customers’ experience to the next level by adding more convenience, efficiency, and effectiveness in near future.

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