M-PESA Safaricom and Sewasew Multimedia Partner to Empower Ethiopian Music Talents

M-PESA Safaricom teams up with Sewasew Multimedia to support rising Ethiopian music talents, including Amanuel Mussie.

In an exciting development for the Ethiopian music scene, M-PESA Safaricom has announced a partnership with Sewasew Multimedia. This collaboration seeks to empower and uplift emerging music talents in Ethiopia, marking a significant step forward for the country’s vibrant music industry.

At the signing ceremony, held recently, the presence of Amanuel Mussie, a rising star in Ethiopian music, added to the excitement. Amanuel, who is currently working on his debut album, brings a fresh perspective and immense talent to the industry. M-PESA Safaricom stated that they are proud to support him on his musical journey and looks forward to contributing to his success.

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