SpaceX Starlink Cleared for Satellite Broadband in Ghana, NCA Approval Signals Connectivity Revolution

Ghana approves SpaceX Starlink for satellite broadband, advancing digital inclusivity with high-speed internet access.

Ghana’s digital landscape is set to receive a significant boost as the National Communications Authority (NCA) greenlights Space X Starlink GH LTD’s application to offer Satellite Broadband Services in the country. This milestone approval comes on the heels of the Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation’s endorsement of the Satellite Licensing Framework, paving the way for innovative connectivity solutions.

SpaceX Starlink GH LTD, renowned operators of Starlink Satellite Broadband, can now advance towards providing high-speed internet access to underserved and remote areas across Ghana. The NCA’s decision signifies a strategic move towards bridging the digital divide and enhancing connectivity infrastructure nationwide.

While the approval marks a pivotal moment in Ghana’s telecommunications landscape, administrative procedures for the issuance of the license are underway and expected to conclude promptly. This development heralds a new era of satellite-based internet connectivity, promising improved access and reliability for communities previously hindered by geographical barriers.

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