Zambia Government and MTN to Enhance Mobile Connectivity in North Western Province

Minister Felix Mutati announces plans for 60 new/upgraded mobile towers, emphasizing rural connectivity and economic growth.

In a recent announcement on Facebook, Felix Mutati, Zambia’s Minister of Technology & Science, unveiled plans for significant improvements in mobile network coverage in the North Western Province. The initiative aims to enhance connectivity for local residents through the erection and upgrade of 60 mobile network towers.

Minister Mutati emphasized the government’s commitment to extending connectivity to rural areas across Zambia, ensuring equal access to opportunities for all citizens. Specifically, in North Western Province, 19 new towers will be constructed, while existing towers with 2G connectivity will be upgraded to 4G, facilitating seamless voice and data transmission.

The minister made these remarks during the commissioning of a 4G network tower by MTN Zambia in Mushindamo district. He praised the collaboration between the government and private sector, highlighting MTN Zambia’s efforts in advancing digital transformation and enhancing people’s lives.

Additionally, Mutati announced MTN Zambia’s plan to upgrade 50 network towers from 2G and 3G to 4G connectivity, aligning with the government’s vision for increased connectivity nationwide.

Recognizing Mushindamo district as one of the least connected areas in North Western Province, Mutati emphasized the significance of upgrading towers to 4G, laying the foundation for extended connectivity throughout the province.

MTN Zambia’s CEO, Abbad Reda, echoed the commitment to universal access and rural coverage, emphasizing the importance of technology in driving economic growth. Reda highlighted MTN Zambia’s recent efforts, including the rollout of 110 rural sites and the upgrade of 18 universal sites from 2G to 3G technology over the past two years.

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