Evision by e& Launches STARZ ON: Free Streaming Platform with Diverse Content and Sports

Evision by e& introduces STARZ ON, offering free access to diverse content including sports in MENA region.

evision, media and entertainment arm of e& and the largest content aggregator in the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan region, today unveiled its own OTT free-to-watch streaming platform, STARZ ON, to bring regional, Hollywood, Bollywood, English, Arabic, and French content in addition to sports all for free.

This new AVOD/FAST platform is available to all users based in the MENA region and West Africa to access FAST (free ad-supported streaming TV) channels on their Android and iOS devices. Subscribers will have access to 50 Fast and Linear1 channels in addition to thousands of  hours of content for free, with plans to expand the diverse content offering to more than 25,000 hours and over 100 channels by 2024 available on all devices and SmartTVs.

This new cutting-edge streaming service is part of evision’s long-term strategy to develop services that enable users to get the most out of online content, using cloud-based technologies to promote a digital lifestyle.

STARZ ON is more than a service, it’s an experience. As e& transforms into a global technology group, e& life is championing a revolutionary AI-powered digital journey and we look forward to changing the landscape of the streaming industry with a positive impact on the communities we serve. STARZ ON is poised to redefine the dynamics of regional entertainment and become the gold standard in streaming.

STARZ ON is destined to become a cultural phenomenon, hosting shows that profoundly influence and shape societal trends, strengthen its position as the embodiment of must-see television in the streaming world.

Khalifa Al Shamsi, CEO, e& life

The exciting line-up includes premium content in English and Arabic, with dramas, comedies, top box office productions, documentaries, and reality shows, in addition to live sports and boxing events.  

Currently, the growth of video streaming in the MENA region is expected to proliferate over the next five years. evision is bridging the content gap for a multilingual free ad-supported platform in the MENA region and is committed to becoming a pioneering leader in the region by offering free access to premium entertainment that will be a game changer for everyone.

The new streaming platform will include AI-based recommendations to engage users and deliver exceptional, relevant content to audiences to enhance their experience. Users will be segmented and targeted across different groups. In addition, more cutting-edge features will be continuously integrated into the outstanding interface to enhance the customer experience and provide a value-added offering for advertisers.

Olivier Bramly, CEO, evision

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