MTN Group Releases 2023 Annual Reports, Showcasing Resilient Performance and Societal Contributions

MTN’s suite of annual reports highlights strategic progress, resilience amid challenges, and commitment to sustainability.

MTN Group announces the release of the suite of annual reports for 2023, providing stakeholders with a comprehensive view of its resilient performance, strategic execution and contribution to society against a challenging macroeconomic and geopolitical backdrop.

In 2024, we at MTN celebrate 30 years of working to give Africans hope, dignity and opportunity. We acknowledge the key role played by the stakeholders in the journey so far and invite you all to read the 2023 reports for a clear understanding of the strategic progress and priorities.

Ralph Mupita, President and CEO, MTN Group

The 2023 Integrated Report tells the overall MTN value-creation story, reflecting integrated thinking at the Group and its 19 operations. It is published alongside essential sustainability and financial reports as well as other important information for the shareholders. It highlights many 2023 milestones, among them:

  • Network resilience and availability in South Africa amid continued loadshedding.
  • Navigating a challenging macro-backdrop in Nigeria.
  • Growth of the fintech ecosystem and a strategic partnership with Mastercard.
  • Progress in the simplification of the portfolio with the exit from Afghanistan.
  • Progress with the ESG initiatives.

With the acceleration of digital technologies, MTN sees the broad adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) as a material matter. 

AI has the potential to drive innovation and efficiency across various sectors, but ethical implications and societal impact need to be carefully managed. At MTN, we recognise the need to harness the power of digital technologies responsibly, ensuring our actions contribute positively to economic and social progress.

Ralph Mupita, President and CEO, MTN Group

As MTN reflect on three decades of impactful operations, the Sustainability Report pays tribute to the incredible individuals who have been integral to success – from the dedicated staff and valued partners to the supportive governments and communities MTN serves. Their stories resonate throughout the report, highlighting the commitment to creating shared value across the continent. 

This year also marks the publication of the 20th consecutive annual Sustainability Report. MTN is honoured to look back on the journey of growth, innovation and commitment to creating a more sustainable future. This comes at a time where there is widespread adoption of the new investor-focused standards – IFRS S1 and IFRS S2, by the International Sustainability Standards Board. MTN is pleased to have taken proactive steps to begin implementing these standards.

As stewards of the digital age, MTN dedicates to fostering a safe and transparent online environment. The Transparency Report outlines the shifts in digital human rights driven by heightened security concerns, challenges in regulating privacy and growing awareness of digital rights protection. The landscape continues to evolve, reflecting the dynamic interplay between technology, law and societal values.

Climate change continues to leave its mark on Africa with record-breaking climate events across the continent in 2023. The Climate Report highlights not only the work to reach Net Zero by 2040 but also the efforts to provide access to early warning systems for all through strategic partnerships such as that with and Microsoft. This helps ensure MTN continues to lead digital solutions for Africa’s progress.

Faced with reduced fiscal revenues and the need for greater public spending to support economic activity, many African governments have sought new ways to generate revenue, among them broadening the tax base and increasing tax types and rates.

The Tax Report shows how MTN is playing the part in supporting the socioeconomic development of the host nations, with a total contribution of R61.7 billion in taxes across the markets. These are not only corporate taxes but also indirect taxes, withholding taxes, payroll taxes, operating licence fees and other payments to government authorities.

We recognise the important role our tax contributions play in uplifting communities across our footprint. Our voluntary Tax Report is an effort to explain our tax affairs in a comprehensive and transparent way, thereby underpinning the trust of our many stakeholders. In supporting the attainment of sustainable societies across our markets, we take seriously our responsibility to be a compliant and transparent taxpayer.

Tsholo Molefe, Chief Financial Officer, MTN Group

The Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM) was issued on 25 April 2024. The AGM will take place virtually on Friday 24 May 2024 and provides an excellent opportunity for shareholders to participate and discuss the resolutions that will be presented.

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