Airtel Africa Launches Affordable 4G Smartphone in Rwanda

Airtel Africa’s CEO introduces budget-friendly 4G phones, aiming to connect over a million Rwandans for digital empowerment.

Airtel Africa’s Group CEO, Dr. Segun Ogunsanya, revealed the debut of an exceptionally economical 4G smartphone in Rwanda, coinciding with the imminent Mobile World Congress in Kigali.

This strategic move, in collaboration with the Rwandan government as part of the ConnectRwanda 2.0 initiative, aspires to furnish more than one million Rwandans with state-of-the-art LTE smartphones, thus advancing digital inclusion and empowerment.

Dr. Ogunsanya emphasized Airtel’s unwavering commitment to narrowing the digital divide in the continent, dedicated to uniting customers and affording them access to a multitude of opportunities.

This initiative stands as a pivotal stride towards a more digitally integrated Africa.

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