Deloitte Africa Expands Google Cloud Expertise to Meet Rising Demand for Cloud Solutions

Deloitte Africa strengthens its Cloud Engineering practice to cater to growing Google Cloud demand in Africa.

Deloitte Africa is responding to the escalating demand for Google Cloud expertise across the continent by expanding its Cloud Engineering practice. This expansion involves the incorporation of seasoned senior cloud engineers with proficiency in Google Cloud, as well as broader skills encompassing cloud, data, and cyber engineering.

The bolstering of the Google Cloud practice serves as a strategic complement to Deloitte Africa’s ongoing skills development initiative and enriches its portfolio in areas like Google Cloud analytics, generative AI, and advertising.

Deloitte Africa highlights its global alliance with Google Cloud, which has earmarked a substantial $1 billion investment in Africa, aimed at fostering connectivity, job creation, skills enhancement, enterprise development, and innovation. This alliance strengthens Deloitte’s ability to drive innovation in collaboration with its clients.

The surge in demand for Google Cloud expertise in Africa has prompted Deloitte Africa to focus on the recruitment of highly qualified cloud engineers, reinforcing its capabilities in meeting clients’ requirements in this domain.

Mitesh Chotu, Cloud Engineering Leader at Deloitte Africa, expressed enthusiasm about the expansion, stating that it’s a response to the rising need for Google Cloud proficiency across the continent.

Bruno Heese, Director of Alliances and Channels for EMEA at Google Cloud, emphasized the high demand for localized digital transformation, where innovative cloud infrastructure and generative AI solutions play a pivotal role in reaching customers in novel ways.

Matt Lacey, Chief Commercial Officer for Google at Deloitte, highlighted that this expansion in South Africa signifies a significant advancement in the rapid expansion of their Google footprint across EMEA, enhancing their capacity not only in Africa but also across the broader EMEA region.

In addition to the Google Cloud expansion, Deloitte recently introduced a Generative AI practice tailored for the African market. This practice aims to guide clients and business leaders in crafting strategies and leveraging technology to create innovative AI-powered applications.

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