TooMuchWifi Expands Affordable Internet in Western Cape

Cape Town-based ISP TooMuchWifi brings reliable connectivity to Mbekweni, Atlantis, and Delft, advancing digital inclusivity.

Cape Town-based township Internet service provider, TooMuchWifi, has expanded its operations to bring affordable and reliable Internet connectivity to three communities in the Western Cape province. The company’s services will now cover Mbekweni, Atlantis, and Delft, where it aims to bridge the digital divide and empower underserved communities during the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

CEO Tauriq Brown sees technology as a means to resolve challenges faced by township residents and those in low-income settlements, transforming them into more inclusive microeconomies. The expansion is part of TooMuchWifi’s commitment to enhancing services for its customer base of 400,000 in 40 low-income areas across the Western Cape.

Investment from social impact investors, the Mineworkers Investment Company, and Bamboo Capital, has supported the company’s exponential growth since 2016. TooMuchWifi aims to continue expansion across the country, providing job creation and opportunities to more people, while closing the digital divide that hinders education and employability.

Closing the technological gap is essential to empower communities and enable them to participate fully in the digital economy. TooMuchWifi believes that millions of people from low-income communities in South Africa still lack access to affordable and reliable internet services, emphasizing the urgency to address this issue and promote inclusivity.

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