Qwilt and Cisco Partner with Vodafone to Enhance Streaming Quality Across Africa

Qwilt and Cisco’s CDN solution boosts streaming quality for Vodafone’s customers in Europe and Africa.

Qwilt and Cisco have partnered to deploy their content delivery network (CDN) solution for Vodafone, enhancing streaming delivery to customers across Europe and Africa. Vodafone plans to integrate the solution at the edge of its networks, offering customers highly responsive and quality streaming services. This move allows Vodafone to expand the solution to other content and application owners, providing them with improved access to millions of customers on Vodafone’s reliable networks.

After a successful trial in Italy, Vodafone will initially roll out the service in seven European and African countries. As Qwilt and Cisco collaborate with more service providers worldwide, they aim to create the world’s largest federated CDN, supported by a global edge cloud footprint benefiting content publishers, service providers, and customers.

The joint solution combines Qwilt’s Open Edge platform and Cisco’s Edge technology, delivering Quality-as-a-Service content delivery by pushing content caching and delivery to the embedded edge of the network. Content publishers can swiftly utilize the solution to bring content closer to users, resulting in a significant improvement in viewing quality. This strategic deployment reflects Vodafone’s commitment to enhancing the streaming experience and offering cutting-edge solutions to their vast customer base across regions.

Our partnership with Qwilt and Cisco enables Vodafone and its broadcast partners to deliver a superior streaming service to customers. It means less buffering and lower latency services for the end user.

Also, by using open caching, we can more easily scale the service to meet the growing demands for live streaming, video-on-demand, and application services whilst providing content providers with a standardized platform built on Open APIs across multiple countries in Europe and Africa.

Giorgio Migliarina, Products and Services Director, Vodafone Business

In recent years we have built one of the largest internet networks worldwide. It connects all Vodafone markets, strategic partners and many millions of our customers to an integrated globally scaled platform.

We continue to evolve our strategy, setting ever higher industry standards for our customers and remaining one of the strongest players in the market. We are now excited to start a new phase of this strategy. One that will strengthen the quality of the service delivered to our customers, further decrease the cost of gigabits carried and open new opportunities for business growth.

Nadia Benabdallah, Network Strategy and Engineering Director, Vodafone Technology

We are thrilled to partner with Vodafone, the largest pan-European and African telecommunications company. By harnessing the power of Open Caching, Vodafone is using its capabilities and position as a significant network operator to take an active role in effective content delivery, and to expand opportunities to monetize this value chain while enabling the next generation of content experiences across its markets. This deployment significantly expands our global, all-edge delivery network, bringing us one step closer to our goal of reaching all consumers around the globe with the high-quality digital experiences they need and expect.

Alon Maor, CEO, Qwilt

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