GlobalData Identifies Squire Tech as a Global Force in 5G Signalling Landscape

GlobalData has identified Squire Technologies as a diruptive supplier in the 5G signalling landscape.

The international research and analysis company, Global Data, has identified Squire Technologies as a disruptive supplier in the 5G signalling landscape. Recognised as a company to watch in its independent report, ‘In Focus: 5G Signaling’, Squire Technologies is deemed to be a global force, challenging the status quo, and embracing innovation within the telecommunications industry.

The report stresses the need for signalling controls that enable forwards and backwards compatibility between 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G. The market analysis report, titled ‘5G Signalling’, provides insights on what effect the emergence of standalone 5G (SA5G) will have on signalling providers and highlights how Squire Technologies is positioned to meet the demands of those future developments.

As more subscribers use more data, signalling providers will need to support HTTP/2 and the centralised signalling traffic of SA5G’s service communication proxy to prevent network overloads. This complexity means that network operators require up-to-date signalling platforms if they want to improve network efficiency.

The report lists some essential criteria signalling providers must adopt to continue to compete. Providers will have to deliver multi-standard signalling control platforms that support unified control, enable low-latency communications through distributed deployment at the edge, and offer security functionality like firewalls and real-time analysis of network fraud, abuse and denial-of-service attacks.

Squire Technologies’ products meet all these criteria and more. Sigla, the company’s unified signalling platform, brings together routing, interworking, and mediation across multi-generation networks, along with security features, and versatile deployment options.

The continual evolution of telecoms technology means that network operators rely on the insights of trustworthy organisations like Global Data to prepare for the future. It’s clear from the information provided by Global Data and other experts that SA5G will play an essential role in the coming industrial revolution.

So, if economies want to thrive in this new age, network operators must find ways to deliver the SA5G infrastructure while maintaining their existing networks. Though managing and maintaining a multi-generation network is complicated, the report shows how Squire Technologies’ future-proof products and services are ideal for the upgrades operators need.

We are delighted to have been featured in Global Data’s In Focus publication as a global force in 5G signalling. Innovation is a key part of our operation and Global Data’s view that we are a leader in robust telecoms solutions confirms that we are on the right trajectory. This recognition provides further reassurance to our current and future customers that we are a signalling provider that is fit for a 5G future.

Sanjeev Verma, CEO, Squire Technologies.

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