QCell Introduces Gambia’s First Commercial 5G Service

Gambian mobile operator QCell launches the country’s first commercial 5G service, ushering in a new era of connectivity and transformative possibilities for industries and individuals in Gambia.

QCell, a mobile operator in Gambia, has introduced the country’s inaugural commercial 5G service. Initially, the service is accessible only in selected areas within the capital city of Banjul, including Kairaba Avenue, Bakau-Fajara, Senegambia, and Brusubi Turntable.

According to the QCell website, 5G technology will deliver download speeds up to 100 times faster than 4G, but users are cautioned that it may lead to faster consumption of data packages.

The operator stated that several device vendors, such as Apple, Huawei, and Techno, have collaborated with QCell to support the 5G network in Gambia. Many devices are initially locked, but as operators roll out 5G, they can be unlocked for use in the country.

QCell is providing 5G fixed services for institutions and homes, utilizing CPEs or MiFi devices. Additionally, 5G Mobile services are available, but users must request activation and sign a user acceptance form at any QCell customer care outlet.

During the 5G launch event, QCell’s CTO, Ahamat Jah, expressed the transformative potential of 5G for Gambia. He highlighted its significance for various industries, referring to it as a game-changing catalyst for the fourth industrial revolution. He elaborated on how sectors like agriculture would benefit and mentioned the rise of smart homes and self-driving vehicles empowered by this advanced technology.

Jah envisioned a future Gambia where 5G technology plays a crucial role, connecting everything in real time and making the surrounding environment intelligent and interactive. He emphasized the broad scope of communication possibilities that would extend beyond human interactions.

Liu Zemin, the General Manager of Huawei West Africa and QCell’s technology partner, remarked that the launch of QCell’s 5G network marks the beginning of a new era for Gambia, characterized by digitalization and intelligence. He stated that 5G would promote the development of the country’s digital economy, accelerate digital transformation across industries, and provide an enhanced network experience for the Gambian population, ultimately bringing the digital world to every individual, household, and organization.

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