stc Group Increases the Capacity of its Networks by 350%

stc group has increased the capacity of its network by 350% and they have implemented 60 security standards to protect data and infrastructure.

The stc group, enabling digital transformation in the region, continued to perform its pioneering national role as a digital enabler for the major national events that are held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by providing communication technologies of international standards and providing advanced technical solutions to support the Jeddah summit and the accompanying media center “Media Oasis” and implement 60 security standards within the precautionary measures that included protecting the infrastructure and intensifying monitoring and reviewing entry powers to ensure the continuity of the summit’s work.   

The group also increased the capacity of data traffic by more than 350% on the fourth and fifth generation networks. It enabled the conference and partners from the government and private sectors and international media delegations with more than 26 data circles with capacities exceeding 200 megabytes/second to ensure quality of service and to reflect the civilized face of the Kingdom in general and in the digital field in particular. Where the group established an operations room at its headquarters in Riyadh to monitor the performance of the network and stand on its quality throughout the hours of the conference, as it was noted that the demand for data services increased by more than 250% and more than 110% for voice services.

The stc group worked to enable the media at the Arab Summit, in partnership with the Ministry of Information, by equipping the digital infrastructure for the media center “Media Oasis”.And that is by providing the latest digital solutions, including the mobile live broadcast unit, which uses 5G technology and provides live broadcast with very low latency, and it also provided drones for live broadcast with 5G technologies and live broadcast service for terrestrial channels, and the latest wireless communication devices (press and talk) that are highly reliable and safe. In addition to setting up a website to register media professionals, and equipping the media center with all the required tools, including computers, screens, smart TVs, a wall display to display several channels with different sources, printers, self-service devices, high-speed internet to serve 300 users, and fully equipping the installations and network in the center, in addition to WiFi coverage. The Media Oasis has also been equipped with protection systems with cyber security standards as part of the precautionary measures to protect the communications infrastructure. 

The stc group’s participation stems from its role in supporting major national events, as it was previously the digital enabler of the G20 summit and other major national events, which reflect the extent of development that the Kingdom is experiencing in all fields, in line with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

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