Ooredoo’s 5G Network Delivers Blazing Fast Speeds in Qurayyat and Al Amerat

Ooredoo’s 5G achieves 294Mbps download speeds, enhancing connectivity for gamers, streamers, and businesses.

A recent report by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) confirmed that Ooredoo’s 5G network provides unparalleled average download speeds of up to 294Mbps in the Wilayats of Qurayyat and Al Amerat.

These recent TRA results show that Ooredoo has requirements of households covered; the homes of many gamers, streamers and downloaders but also smaller businesses looking to improve their efficiency and productivity regardless of their location. During the monthly TRA survey in Qurayyat, the average download speed of Ooredoo’s 5G network reached 193Mbps. The TRA also confirmed that in Al Amerat, the average download speed was 236Mbps.

Ooredoo has repeatedly demonstrated an awesome 5G network performance and its ability to make the Internet more accessible to customers, including in more remote areas. Ooredoo’s 5G boosts reliable connectivity and provides an excellent, hassle-free, uninterrupted online experience for anyone, anywhere. The telco has relentlessly worked to upgrade its network infrastructure, collaborated with leading product and service providers, and harnessed the power of 5G to upgrade the worlds of all its customers further.

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