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We are kicking off Cabsat 2023 with our exlusive pre-event overview. Stay tuned and up to date with all the latest developments from the Cabsat show floor.

TechAfrica News is glad to be at the forefront of the industry once again, providing the latest news from the show floor of Cabsat 2023, the premier event in the MEASA region for the media, broadcast and satellite industries. With over 14,000 visitors expected to attend, the event brings together professionals and industry leaders from all areas of the entertainment and media community.

TechAfrica News is excited to bring you the latest news and developments from the Cabsat 2023 show floor!

The media landscape is rapidly evolving, and the creator economy is taking center stage. With cross-border and regional collaboration on the rise, content creators are facing new challenges and opportunities. The Content Congress aims to bring together experts from the media, broadcast, content creation, and technology sectors to discuss these challenges and explore future trends that will shape the content lifecycle. Join us for insightful discussions on how to create, connect, and monetize in this exciting and dynamic industry

This year, the Satexpo Summit will focus on how to exploit space in a responsible way to enable future-proof life on earth. From services that allow us to connect purposefully and efficiently to earth observation, the satellite industry has an important role to play in our future prosperity. In addition, the event will cover a wide range of topics, including new business and finance models, opportunities, challenges, and outlooks, as well as integrated innovation, such as software-defined satellites, AI, and automation.

TechAfrica News at Cabsat 2023

TechAfrica News is thrilled to be an official media partner of Cabsat, one of the most important events for the media and entertainment industry in the Middle East and Africa region. As a leading technology news platform, we are committed to covering the latest advancements in broadcasting, production, and distribution, and Cabsat is the perfect venue for us to do so. We look forward to exploring the newest technological innovations and networking with key players in the industry. Our team of reporters and editors will be on the ground at Cabsat, bringing you comprehensive coverage of the event, including interviews with industry leaders, analysis of emerging trends, and insights into the future of media and entertainment technology. Stay tuned to TechAfrica News for all the latest from Cabsat 2023.

Exhibitor spotlight

ST Engineering iDirect
Stand S2-B10
ST Engineering iDirect is a global leader in satellite-based communications technology. Their advanced products and services enable efficient and reliable communication for a variety of industries, including government and defense, mobility, enterprise, and broadcast.

Stand S1-G31
Verimatrix’s comprehensive suite of solutions addresses the evolving challenges faced by content owners, service providers, and broadcasters in the digital era. The company offers a range of products and services, including content security, watermarking, analytics, and revenue security solutions.

Stand S1-B20

AVECO has built a strong reputation for delivering robust, reliable, and scalable solutions. The company’s customer base spans across the globe, with installations in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa. AVECO’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has made it a preferred choice for broadcasters seeking efficient and advanced automation and media management solutions.

GILAT Satellite Networks
Stand S2-D25
The company’s primary focus is on delivering broadband connectivity to remote and underserved areas, enabling access to the internet, voice, and data services. Gilat’s advanced satellite networking solutions cater to various industries, including telecommunications, government, defense, enterprise, and consumer markets.

Grass Valley
Stand S1-H10
Grass Valley is a global technology company that provides end-to-end solutions for producing and distributing live and recorded video content. Their offerings include video production and content management systems, cameras, switchers, routers, servers, etc.

TVU Networks
Stand S1-D21
TVU Networks specializes in live video solutions for broadcasters, sports organizations, governments, and other entities. They provide products and services that enable live video capture, transmission, and distribution over IP networks.

Stand S2-F10

Nilesat serves over 57 million households in MENA with its broadcast services. The company is dedicated to delivering secure, and top-quality digital TV, radio, and data services, focusing on informing and educating, its viewers across the Middle East and Africa.

Stand S1-I20

Rohde & Schwarz is a global technology company that provides innovative solutions in the areas of test and measurement, broadcasting, secure communications, and cybersecurity.

Stand S2-D10
Established in 1976 by the Arab League, Arabsat aims to provide reliable and advanced satellite services to meet the region’s growing demand for telecommunications, broadcasting, broadband, and data services. The organization plays a crucial role in bridging the digital divide and promoting communication advancements in the Arab world.

Stand S2-B40

AMOS Spacecom’s satellites are strategically positioned in geostationary orbits, providing coverage over the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and parts of Asia. These satellites leverage advanced technologies and high-powered payloads to ensure reliable and efficient voice, video, and data signal transmission.

Be part of the conversation

The Digital Cloud in Orbit

16 MAY | TUESDAY at 14:20

This session will explore the advantages of incorporating the Cloud – plus its logical extensions of virtualization and edge-computing – into satellite businesses to fulfill the full potential of satellite’s full interoperability with telcos and MNOs, with satellites as switches in the greater telecommunications ‘network of networks’.

Is the Cloud monolithic or fragmented? What does full interoperability with telcos and MNOs actually mean? How important are virtualisation and edge-computing in relation to the Cloud?

Martin Jarrold, Vice President International Programme Development – GVF
Gil Elizov, VP Products – Gilat
Mark Lambert, President – Kratos
Sergy Mummert, Senior Vice President, Global Cloud Sales and Strategic Partnerships – SES

Connectivity: What the Underserved Want, What the Underserved Get

16 MAY | TUESDAY at 15:40

“Serving the underserved” encompasses both the digital divide between developed nations and countries with a poorly developed capacity to secure reliable internet broadband access; and, the digital divide between well-served urban and suburban areas and underserved rural and remote regions. What are the principal barriers to serving the underserved – Is it connectivity? Or, is it affordability? Or, is it regulatory? What is the role of Universal Service Funds? This panel will attempt to answer these and other questions vexing providers, governments, and those on the other side of the divide.

How is our understanding of the digital divide changing and driving the initiatives to effectively, and finally, reach a solution?
Will NGSO platforms make a real difference?
How important will be the role of direct satellite-to-cellular device services in resolving the needs of the underserved?

Isabelle Mauro, Director General – GSOA
Rhys Morgan, General Manager, EMEA Media and Networks Sales – Intelsat
Hamid Nawaz, General Manager, Enterprise & Cloud, MECA – SES
Rami Al-Wazani, System Design Engineer – Spacebridge
James Trevelyan, Senior Vice President, Enterprise & Emerging Markets – Speedcast

Coordinated Digital Transformation in Space and on the Ground

17 MAY | WEDNESDAY at 11:40

Preparing the ground segment for digital transformation
Providing a simple, open, interoperable Digital IF/RF standard
What innovations have already happened and what are the biggest considerations for the industry?

Alexander Jeuck, President and Co-founder – ICT and SpaceTech Pathfinder
Lance Hassan, Director – Intelsat Corporation
Mark Lambert, President – Kratos
Gil Elizov, VP Products – Gilat
Mohamad Barada, International Sales Manager – ETL System
Ahmed Nayel, Director, Sales Engineering Middle East – ST Engineering

Fireside Chat: How Social Media is Disrupting the Disruptors

17 MAY | WEDNESDAY at 14:00

Social media becoming the new search engines – How is social media consumption changing and how is the media industry adapting to this trend?
Gen Z and Gen Alpha are changing the way content is consumed – Is the media industry getting content creators to experiment with new monetization strategies?
Understand what Gen Z and Gen Alpha mean for the media industry.

Catherine Mwangi, Head of TV Production & Programming – Kenya Television Network
Sasha El Jurdi, Head of Content Programming – TikTok MENA
Moon Baz, Creator Partnerships Lead, Middle East, Africa and Turkey – Meta

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