MWC 2023: Nordic Semiconductor Discusses Cellular IoT and Wireless Technologies

Nordic Semiconductor’s Wireless Communication Solutions: Pioneering Low-Power Cellular IoT

Magnus Pederson, the Vice President of Sales at Nordic Semiconductor, recently spoke with TechAfrica News during their coverage of MWC Barcelona. During the interview, Pederson showcased some of Nordic Semiconductor’s latest products and discussed the company’s involvement in the cellular IoT space. He also shared some success stories of how their solutions have benefited customers.

Nordic Semiconductor is a company that designs and develops wireless communication solutions for various industries. They are a leading provider of low-power cellular solutions in the cellular IoT space, ideal for IoT devices requiring extended battery life and low power consumption.

Pederson shared some success stories of Nordic Semiconductor’s solutions in action, highlighting the benefits they have provided to customers. When asked about Nordic Semiconductor’s vision for the future of connectivity, Pederson emphasized their commitment to continued innovation and driving the industry forward. He explained that they plan to focus on developing solutions that enable devices to communicate with each other seamlessly, securely, and with low power consumption.

We keep on developing new products, we keep taking them to the next level in terms of integration, power consumption and integration ares we are supporting. We will continue to build on our platform and our software offerings as well.

Magnus Pederson, VP Sales, Nordic Semiconductors

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