stc Empowers 479 Charities with its Sustainability Platform in the Kingdom

Through its sustainability program, specifically the Technical Empowerment Program, stc has empowered 479 charities in the kingdom.

Based on its leading role in supporting charitable community institutions and the non-profit sector, stc Group continues its journey in the field of sustainability, as the group seeks to maximize the positive impact to achieve a future with sustainable economic value, double the environmental and social impact, and emphasize its strategic role as the most prominent digital enabler in the Kingdom and the region.

stc Group has adopted its sustainability strategy, which focuses on investing its digital capabilities and capabilities by providing many solutions and platforms aimed at digitizing administrative, financial and operational businesses in the government and private sectors, as well as empowering third sector organizations digitally, the results of which were highlighted in the second sustainability report for the year 2021.

Thanks to the readiness of the digital infrastructure in the stc group and the size of the capabilities it possesses to enable the various sectors and their contributions to the digital transformation in the Kingdom, the sustainability platform launched by stc provided three main services to support its strategic goals, including volunteer program services, technical empowerment, and knowledge exchange, in a way that supports the development process. sustainable development, enriching the lives and experiences of society, and stimulating innovative digital opportunities. It has also devoted its resources to empowering the non-profit sector, as the stc group supports and empowers organizations in the non-profit sector through specialized human cadres from among its employees, in addition to digital empowerment of these organizations by providing integrated packages of advanced technical solutions that contribute to the digitization of all administrative, financial and operational work of organizations and other aspects. programs.

Through the Sustainability Platform, specifically the Technical Empowerment Program, launched in 2021, stc Group has worked to empower non-profit organizations and charities through digital solutions that are usually expensive; This has helped them reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and increase their reach and impact. The program provides 11 technical solutions with the aim of serving non-profit organizations. The program has so far enabled more than 479 charities and non-profit organizations by providing 1,338 technical services in more than 48 cities around the Kingdom. The number of beneficiaries of these services reached more than 10 million. This technology contributed to the support of more than 34,000 employees of these associations.

In stc’s volunteering program, which is linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, stc Group cooperated with non-profit organizations and charities and participated in more than 600 volunteer opportunities on the sustainability platform, to improve employee engagement and well-being in the workplace and instill a culture of giving.

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