Orange and Medusa Submarine Cable System to Develop an International Submarine Cable Solution

Medusa Submarine Cable Systems has announced a partnership with Orange in an effort to land a new strategic route connecting Southern Europe and North Africa.

Orange, one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators, and Medusa Submarine Cable System, the Mediterranean subsea neutral and independent infrastructure operator, are joining forces to offer an open and high-performance interconnection solution to all partner operators of the Medusa cable.

8,760 km long, Medusa will be the first and longest submarine cable to connect the main Mediterranean countries. The system will connect the two shores of the Mediterranean and provide access to telecommunication infrastructure that is crucial for developing the digital ecosystem of populations in North African countries, as well as six EU member states (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, and Cyprus). The investment is expected to have positive impacts on the economy of these countries, which will lead to inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

Medusa is an open system that includes 16 landing points around the Mediterranean Sea. The cable will have segments with up to 24 fiber pairs with a capacity of 20 Tbps per fiber pair. Its festoon architecture gives it a unique design. It is expected Medusa cable reaches Marseille during the last quarter of 2024. The system will be ready for service end of 2024 for the West Med region and first half of 2025 for the East Med region.

Orange, the leading submarine cable landing party in Marseille, is the only operator to have scalable infrastructure in the area of Marseille and to have all the technical expertise required to land and maintain intercontinental submarine cable systems.

Orange is now strengthening its submarine cable access strategy in Marseille with brand new urban infrastructure which route and meshing will increase the resilience and diversity of access and landing points in Marseille, by connecting all the city’s data centers.

Through its sustained work in close collaboration with state and regional services, as well as all local players, Orange offers a unique turnkey solution. Orange will handle all the technical, regulatory, security, and environmental aspects, enabling its partners to enjoy a prime position in Marseille and strengthening France’s attractiveness

By doing this, Orange is enhancing its value proposition to offer every operator around the world access to the capillary connectivity of its international network.

We are particularly pleased to welcome the Medusa cable to Orange’s infrastructure in the heart of the Mediterranean hub of Marseille, as part of a strategic and ambitious project. By combining our submarine cable landing stations with our new urban infrastructure, we are strengthening Marseille’s attractiveness as a digital gateway to Europe, and beyond that, France’s sovereignty.

Michaël Trabbia, interim CEO of Orange Wholesale & International Networks

Marseille has always been a strategic Mediterranean interconnection point and joining forces with Orange means we can offer a cutting-edge service, against a background of growing needs in the digital economy. With this agreement, all Medusa landings in the western Mediterranean are totally secure and ready to be implemented.

Norman Albi, CEO, Medusa

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