Ericsson and Vodafone Oman Partner to Develop AI-Based Solutions

Ericsson has announced a partnership with Vodafone in Oman to facilitate data-driven decisions with AI-based solutions.

Ericsson and Vodafone in Oman have partnered to empower the telecom company’s network infrastructure development across multiple domains. This latest step in the two companies ongoing partnership will see Ericsson provide AI-based Cognitive Software solutions for network optimization  to facilitate data-driven decisions and support Vodafone in implementing zero-touch operations (ZTO) and anomaly detection capabilities.

The implemented solutions include Ericsson Expert Analytics (EEA) and network optimization Cognitive Software solutions. Combined, these solutions offer near real-time, multivendor, and cross-domain data analytics and optimization capabilities – utilizing a big data platform where scalability and performance are greatly enhanced.

As we continue our digitalization journey, leveraging AI in network operations is critical to our business agility, customer satisfaction, and in simplifying decision-making processes. Featuring advanced AI and automation capabilities, Ericsson’s solutions are supporting our digital operator ecosystem utilize data-analytics to sustain growth, provide insights into network usage and drive improvements to ensure an enriching experience for our customers.

Stelios Savvides, Technology Director, Vodafone in Oman

By correlating metrics and events from the network ecosystem, the solutions support Vodafone in assessing customer experiences, retaining, and upselling subscribers, and prioritizing network investments. EEA also supports Vodafone in obtaining essential insights to support, optimize and monitor 5G deployments and subscriber adoption.

In expanding the automation and AI-based functionalities in its ecosystem, Vodafone is unlocking the full potential for zero-touch operations across its network in Oman. Being a trusted partner in this journey, we are determined to support Vodafone continuously enhance its customer experiences. Together we are working towards the realization of the digital transformation goals of Oman Vision 2040 and strive to collaboratively boost the digital infrastructure in Oman. We are looking forward to future partnerships with Vodafone in Oman to drive digital efficiencies across the Sultanate.

Nicolas Blixell, Vice President and Head of Gulf Council Countries, Ericsson Middle East and Africa

The implementation of AI-based solutions and automation increases operational savings, improves business efficiency, and raises productivity. By combining AI and automation capabilities with aggregated insights, Vodafone in Oman will be able to increase network agility, and customer satisfaction, develop more efficient business models and realize faster time-to-market for various services.

Ericsson’s industry-leading suite of Cognitive Software solutions provides a unique integration of network design and optimization domain knowledge with advanced AI technologies to unleash the full potential of next-generation networks truly. 

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