Military Coup Sends Sudan into Chaos

Sudan is again a battleground in the wake of a coup by General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan. The country is seeing a major strife between the civilians and the military on the streets of Khartoum.

Political upheaval has yet again taken control of Sudan as the region finds itself amid yet another coup d’etat. Thousands of protesters are to be seen in the streets of the state’s capital Khartoum protesting against the arbitrary dissolution of the military-civilian sovereign council by General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan. 

The sovereign council was a result of a long-drawn struggle against Omar al-Bashir’s government with the Sudanese military and the Forces of Freedom and Change (a political coalition between civilian and rebel groups) coming together to lead Sudan towards democratic elections in 2023. The council however has been dissolved by the Sudanese military with the arrest of the acting civilian prime minister, Adfallah Hamdok, and several other cabinet members on Monday. The arrests followed a complete state of emergency as anti-military protesters came out in radical opposition to the military coup.

According to a report by the BBC, the protests saw a coercive retaliation from the military with soldiers opening fire on the protesters and killing 10 people. 

As the situation worsens in Sudan, the civilians face heavy disruption in communication with a complete internet shutdown on Monday along with a disturbance in fixed-line and mobile connectivity.

As the relatively peaceful 2 years come to an end with the undemocratic actions of the military, any hope for reconciliation from either side seems bleak with the people of Sudan coming out in utter disregard to the military rule and chanting pro-civilian rule slogans.

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