Vodacom Offers Vodacom Digi-Parenting, a Webinar Series For Online Safety of Families

To help with raising the next generation in a digital society, Vodacom is launching Digi-Parenting, a resource to provide parents with the tools, knowledge, and advice for building happy and safe digital homes.

This resource is available to Vodacom and non-Vodacom customers. In a study by the Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention in South Africa, almost half of parents reported having never had any guidance on how to support or mediate their children’s internet use, despite having a deep concern for their children’s wellbeing online. In addition, the research revealed that 48% of children said that they never or hardly ever spoke to their parents about their online activity. 

In ensuring everyone is connected, Vodacom is committed to supporting parents as they navigate the challenges of raising children in an ever-evolving digital world and strives to encourage meaningful conversations about technology in everyday life. Vodacom’s Digi-Parenting aims to get parents and children up to speed on online safety, including addressing concerns around cyber-bullying and inappropriate content. Through Digi-Parenting, Vodacom aims to empower families on taking advantage of cyberspace for their children’s communication, learning and relationships.

“Vodacom is helping families be more connected than ever, however, just as we guide our children in the real world, we need to help them to manage the digital world too. Digi-Parenting is an important resource with practical tips and solutions to help parents feel more confident when it comes to getting involved in their children’s digital world. As a brand that cares, Vodacom aims to be a guiding light for families to use technology positively in the home while having peace of mind that their children are safe online.” 

Melanie Forbes, Managing Executive for Consumer Marketing Insights and Research at Vodacom

Vodacom is kicking off the Digi-Parenting initiative by hosting free Digi-Parenting 101 webinars, to open the discussion about how South African families are using devices and behaving online responsibly. South Africa’s leading network will also be launching a Digi-Parenting website and a Digi-Parenting digital magazine in the near future.

Webinar Topic: ToddlersDate : 6 March 2021Time : 11:00 
Webinar Topic: Preteens and teenagersDate : 13 March 2021Time : 11:00 

Join the Vodacom Digi-Parenting 101 webinars, in which parent and radio host Azania Mosaka will be chatting with parenting experts on the digital world and the impact on children, from babies to teenagers.

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