LPTIC and Ericsson to enhance university students’ digital skills in Libya

Ericsson is partnering with the Libyan Post Telecommunication and Information Technology Holding Company (LPTIC) to deploy the Ericsson Educate learning program in Libya and build digital skills among university students.

About 150 students will have access an e-learning portal featuring courses on 5G networks, IoT, data science, automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“Distance education programs for Libyan university students have gained special importance in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, as countries around the world focused on the vital need for advanced technologies in communciations. Societies in which knowledge and technology are advancing are societies that have absorbed the changes of times and thus are advanced societies, with advanced universities, allowing ease of communication with the world.”

Dr Faisel Gergab, Chairman, LPTIC

They will also be able to participate in webinars run by Ericsson experts focused on emerging and next-generation technologies. The program aims to complement students’ technical studies and strengthen their ICT skills of to increase their readiness for jobs in the telecom and ICT sectors.

“Advanced universities allow their students to carry out advanced scientific research in several fields and use high-precision applications. The cooperation between LPTIC and Ericsson will improve the vital communications and technology sector, create new investment projects and job opportunities in the Libyan market and help to make Libya a destination for global investment.”

Dr Faisel Gergab, Chairman, LPTIC

“Education is a critical sector particularly affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic, with around 1.2 billion students and youth around the world unable to attend traditional education institutions. This has placed a huge demand for comprehensive online education programs and partnering with LPTIC means providing inclusive learning opportunities for students to help them through this period of sudden and unprecedented disruption but also prepare them for the future.”

Andrea Missori, Country Manager, Ericsson Libya

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