DStv makes Catch Up available to all DStv customers

The company announced that for the first time ever, it is making shows on Catch Up available to DStv Access and DStv EasyView customers.

DStv Compact Plus, DStv Compact, DStv Family customers will have access to a whole new world of Catch Up content when you’re watching with an internet connection on your Explora or Explora Ultra, or using the DStv App on your PC, Android or iOS devices. Go check it out now, especially if you love international reality series, local and international documentaries, and lifestyle shows.

Aside from watching DStv live, with Catch Up customers can decide on their night’s viewing order and shows and avoid skipping through channels trying to find something to fill the gap while waiting for your favourite series to come on live TV. Customers can watch shows that were on while they were watching another program.

Whether you want to see the 4 latest episodes of your favourite soap, or binge a whole season Box Set of a show, you can do that with Catch Up.

With Catch Up, if DStv is making a show available as a Box Set, and with an Explora connected to the internet or via the DStv App, customers will be able to see all the season’s episodes aired to date, rather than just the latest 4 episodes. If the season is finished, the whole Box Set will remain available to binge for a whole month after the show ended.

DStv delivers Catch Up content to your Explora in two ways – there’s content that is delivered via satellite automatically to your Explora; and the content you can choose to download or stream once you’ve connected your Explora to the Internet.

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