SA ISP Supersonic launches Unlimited Air Fibre Internet in the MTN Network

The offering promises fibre-like speed and is based in wireless connections in the mobile network of MTN.

The company has been promoting its new service on Social Media and on its website. The uncapped service comes with several speed options, starting with 5 Mb/s for R399 per month. The highest available speed option comes with 100 Mb/s for R999 per month.

“This ground-breaking service uses wireless technology to connect you to the MTN Network, giving you unrestricted premium Internet connectivity,” Supersonic said.

The company stated that the service uses a base station device installed on an MTN radio tower which communicates wirelessly with multiple radio transceivers installed at user’s locations within the coverage area.

“There’s no mess, and no fuss. An accredited installer will install a small dish at your premises, connect it to a Supersonic router that we will bring with us, and, presto, you are all set up and ready to internet the right way.”

The service needs base station equipment installed on the MTN tower to provide coverage. Once there are enough customers in an area, the company will be able to start offering the service. Supersonic says, that within a week of placing an order for a service in a covered area, an installer will be arranged to come to customer’s home to mount a dish a little bigger than the size of an A4 ream of paper to an outside wall. The installer will wire this dish to a supplied Wi-Fi router inside the home that will connect the devices to the internet. The entire installation is quite simple and the customers should be online in an hour.

The company stated, that unlike Home Broadband (F-LTE), Unlimited Air Fibre is uncapped, unshaped and unthrottled –much like Fibre. It does not require any of the data top-ups which F-LTE users often have to buy. Unlimited Air Fibre also provides the same latencies as normal fibre, which makes it better for gaming than F-LTE. Unlimited Air Fibre however, doesn’t rely on a fibre network operator to dig up the roads or hang fibre cables between street lamps, while offering comparative service quality at a lower cost.

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