Intracom Telecom’s StreetNode™ Seamlessly Connects a Major Maritime Hub in the United Arab Emirates

Intracom Telecom announced the deployment of its revolutionary auto-aligning Ethernet radio platform, StreetNode™, to Saqr Port, a major bulk-handling port in UAE/ Middle East, in order to secure wireless infrastructure and provide efficient connectivity.

The supply of its backhaul solution is taking effect through the company’s trusted partner in UAE, Bifold Technologies, an ICT solutions provider designed for business use.

Intracom Telecom and Bifold Technologies were awarded the challenging project to design and build wireless infrastructure for Saqr Port so as to further enhance the port’s operational capabilities. Intracom Telecom’s groundbreaking StreetNode™ completely addresses customer’s very high standards, including reliability, security, high throughput, connectivity and cost-effectiveness.

More specifically, Saqr Port, one of the major ports in UAE handled by RAK Ports, was looking for a solution that would effectively work in high-traffic and noisy environments, withstanding the tough circumstances in terms of high humidity and temperature as well as dust, while delivering at the same time the connectivity speeds needed by the Wi-Fi access network serving the port’s cranes for a seamless communication during operations. Succeeding the field tests that surpassed the project requirements, Intracom Telecom’s StreetNode™ was strategically selected for its high capacity, low latency and innovative features and functionality that successfully cover the high demand of Saqr Port’s needs. Its compact form factor and special aesthetics allows it to blend nicely in the port’s environment, while its unique mix of alignment-automation and “zero-touch” capabilities reduces rollout time and cost. Last but not least, its Automatic Interference Scanning feature helps safeguard the wireless connection against interference. 

“We are very pleased to partner with Intracom Telecom in bringing StreetNode™ solution to provide reliable connectivity that can sustain the hush outdoor environment of the quarrying industry. Indeed, our customer was very satisfied the way we delivered the project with the help of Intracom Telecom”.

Ranjan Mazumder, Sales Director of Bifold Technologies

John Tenidis, Marketing Director of Intracom Telecom’s wireless solutions portfolio, noted: “This is a significant project proving Intracom Telecom’s capability to deliver solutions for the transport & transit industry and specifically for seaport site networking & surveillance, and freight cargo depot surveillance. Thankfully, our collaboration with Bifold Technologies was very successful, managing to triumphantly deliver a complete PoC, when other vendors and technologies couldn’t.”

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