MWC 2023 Keynote 7: New Behaviour For A New Reality

Wed, 1 Mar: 09:30 – 10:45 CET

Online behaviour has significantly changed in the post pandemic era with enterprise and consumer-led companies becoming more collaborative and simplified; from the convenience of e-commerce and growth in mobile payments, to games like Candy Crush Saga® exploring new partnerships and technologies to drive relevance and excite players . Understanding the changing user experience is essential as capabilities surrounding AI, Machine Learning and the metaverse strengthen. Big Tech is championing the metaverse with significant investment and maturing technologies, but what is the reality for consumers today and are we ready for the future of the internet?

Ralph Simon, Founder & CEO, Mobilium
Tjodolf Sommestad, President, King
Martha Sazon, President & CEO, Gcash (Mynt – Globe FinTech innovations, Inc)
Lauren Kunze, CEO, Iconiq