MWC 2023 Keynote 3: Changing Worlds: A Two-Part Story

Mon, 27 Feb: 17:30 – 18:15 CET

Part One: Collaborate to Innovate: Fuelling Sustainable Connectivity

When crises occur—be it energy, health, social, or geopolitical– companies have a choice; they can turn inward, or they can use the moment to catalyze new approaches, new relationships, and new ways of thinking about sustainable success in the future.  This panel looks at the experience of the evolving energy industry and telco operators as they manage through the energy crisis, supply disruptions, and increasing costs.  How are they adapting, and where do they see common ground?  At this transformative time, could collaboration and forging new ecosystems facilitate innovative approaches?   Are there ways to address the crisis in the short term and connect to deliver better more sustainable outcomes for consumers and communities in the long term?   Join us for a discussion of the current challenges at the intersection of energy and connectivity—and how we can find transformative opportunities within them.

Anna Borg, President & CEO, Vattenfall
Allison Kirkby, President & CEO, Telia Company
Margherita Della Valle, CFO & Interim CEO, Vodafone Company

Part Two. The Electric Odyssey: Driving Environmental Change & Diversity with Extreme E

Addressing climate change through the promotion and use of renewable energy sources, the mobile industry and motor racing are uniquely placed when it comes to sustainability. The adoption of electric vehicles is paving the way for a lower carbon future, but it has also created a new sporting platform for the purpose of promoting technology advancement, the environment and equality.? Join us as we go off-road with Extreme E, showcasing electric SUVs and futuristic technologies in some of the world’s most remote and challenging environments.

Alejandro Agag, Founder & CEO, Formula E
Carlos Sainz Snr, Racing Driver, Acciona | Sainz XE Team
Laia Sanz, Racing Driver, Acciona | Sainz XE Team