MTN Cameroon’s First Digital Human Rights Café Advocates for Online Safety

MTN Cameroon hosts inaugural event focusing on digital safety, presenting its Digital Human Rights policy.

On March 28, 2024, MTN Cameroon took a significant step forward in the promotion of digital safety and human rights by hosting its inaugural Digital Human Rights Café. This pioneering event marked a pivotal moment for discussions on creating and maintaining a secure digital environment accessible to everyone.

The Digital Human Rights Café served as a platform for exploring vital issues concerning user safety in the digital realm. MTN Cameroon expressed gratitude to the distinguished guests who enriched the discussions with their expertise and insights.

Among the notable attendees were Fonyuy Kiven Timothy, Human Rights Officer at the United Nations Human Rights (UNCHRD-CA), Julie Mballa, Gender and Human Rights Specialist at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and Mamouda Ferikouop, Head of the Division for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights at the Cameroon Human Rights Commission (CHRC). The dialogue centered on the crucial role of preserving user rights online and the responsibilities of companies in fostering a safe and responsible digital ecosystem.

During this event, MTN Cameroon took the opportunity to unveil its Digital Human Rights policy, reinforcing the company’s dedication to spearheading an inclusive and secure digital landscape. This initiative aligns with the broader Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) objectives of the MTN Group.

Julie Mballa underscored the significance of human rights principles in safeguarding digital rights, while Mamouda Ferikouop emphasized the importance of engaging in dialogue with those impacted by digital policies to devise effective solutions.

The Digital Human Rights Café underscores MTN Cameroon’s commitment to enhancing digital safety and human rights, setting a precedent for similar initiatives in the future.

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