dLocal and Ebury Forge Strategic Partnership for Seamless Cross-Border Payments in African Markets

The collaboration between dLocal and Ebury streamlines payments, empowering businesses to expand into emerging economies.

dLocal, the leading cross-border payment platform specializing in high-growth markets, has announced its strategic partnership with Ebury, a leading global fintech company. The collaboration aims to transform payment solutions, rapidly unlocking opportunities across Africa’s largest markets.

By leveraging dLocal’s payment solution, Ebury can seamlessly manage both pay-ins and payouts while optimizing costs and delivery times and providing world-class support to their merchants when accessing complex emerging markets. As Ebury continues to scale across emerging markets, this collaboration will help gain access to over 41 different regions through a single partnership. This will enable scalable growth with the convenience of one provider while maintaining the same high-quality experience and expertise.

It’s critically important to know where your payment is, how much the fees are before sending it, and to have the assurance that it will arrive on the expected date. While that may seem straightforward, it’s exceedingly difficult to ensure dependability and a great experience in emerging markets, but that’s exactly what we’re able to do by partnering with dLocal, and that’s a win for Ebury and our customers.

Joe Kemsley, Head of Product Strategy, Ebury

As the global payments landscape evolves rapidly, our partnership with Ebury underscores our commitment to empowering businesses to thrive in emerging markets. By leveraging dLocal’s onground banking network, we aim to provide Ebury’s clients with liquidity and the most competitive rates, ultimately facilitating their expansion into emerging economies with confidence and ease.

Agustin Botta, Head of EMEA, dLocal

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