Airtel Money and PremierCredit Partner to Offer Instant Mobile Loans

PremierCredit and Airtel Zambia launch KaFast loans, providing instant credit through Airtel Money for financial inclusion.

PremierCredit has partnered with Airtel Zambia PLC Mobile Commerce (Airtel Money) to provide loans to customers through the Airtel portal.

This strategic alliance signifies a monumental leap toward fostering financial inclusion for all. The partnership will enable eligible customers to obtain a loan in times of need that will directly go into their Airtel mobile money accounts instantly, eliminating the burdensome paperwork of traditional loan applications.

The launch of KaFast loan symbolizes a shift towards a future where financial assistance is not a privilege but a fundamental right; where access to credit is not determined by one’s socio-economic status but by the power of inclusion.

Mr. Vincent Malekani, Chief Executive Officer, PremierCredit

With KaFast, eligible clients can now navigate the loan process effortlessly through their mobile devices, from loan requests to loan disbursement and beyond. This unprecedented ease of access ensures that financial assistance reaches those in need promptly, without bureaucratic hurdles, setting a new standard for convenience and efficiency in financial services.

Speaking at the same event, Airtel Mobile Commerce Country Director, Mr. Andrew Chuma said Airtel Money’s goal in driving financial inclusion has been fueled by the organization’s endless passion and desire to continue enriching the experience of its customers on the Airtel Money platform.

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone as we partner with PremierCredit to launch the Nasova KaFast Loan on our Airtel Money Menu for our customers. This partnership represents a fusion of expertise, resources, and vision. It is a testament to our shared commitment to driving financial inclusion and prosperity for all. By leveraging our extensive reach and PremierCredit’s robust financial offerings, we are poised to redefine the landscape of financial services in the region.

We are confident that this partnership will unlock new opportunities, drive meaningful impact, and inspire positive change in the lives of countless individuals and communities in our society.

Mr. Andrew Chuma, Commerce Country Director, Airtel Mobile

To qualify to obtain a loan from the Na Sova KaFast service, one needs to be an active Airtel Money customer for at least six months and regularly transact on Airtel Money and will also need to have paid up any other loans taken through Airtel Money.

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