Bayobab’s Fibre Network Expansion: 7,000 km Added, Reaching a Total of 114,000 km

The company celebrated an 8.1% increase in external revenue, amassing US$378.6 million, reflecting its robust growth in the digital domain.

2023 was a landmark year for Bayobab, previously known as MTN GlobalConnect, marking a significant transformation that has positioned the company as a leader in digital connectivity across Africa. The transition to Bayobab was not just a change in name but a strategic move that integrated an extensive fibre network and communication services into a single, robust ecosystem. This integration has enabled Bayobab to provide a secure and comprehensive digital network, serving a wide array of clients including service providers, mobile networks, telecommunication companies, and major technology firms.

Financial and Operational Achievements

The year witnessed an impressive 8.1% increase in external revenue, culminating in US$378.6 million. This growth is a testament to Bayobab’s strategic initiatives and its commitment to excellence. The Bayobab Communication Platforms segment, in particular, saw a remarkable 9.2% growth, largely fueled by the company’s strategic Application-to-Person SMS partnerships. These collaborations with leading global mobile networks have been pivotal, resulting in the launch of over 6,800 roaming services, which have significantly enhanced the international roaming experience for MTN subscribers across the continent.

Innovative Milestones

A standout achievement for Bayobab in 2023 was becoming the first Telecom WhatsApp Business Solution Provider in Africa. This milestone underscores Bayobab’s pioneering role in digital communication services and its dedication to adopting innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of its clients.

Expansion and Connectivity

On the infrastructure front, Bayobab’s Fibre segment maintained a stable performance, with new fixed connectivity deals amounting to US$24.4 million. The company expanded its proprietary fibre network by 7,000 km, reaching a total of 114,000 km. The year also saw the strategic incorporation of 9 dedicated fibre companies and the acquisition of new fibre operating licenses in critical markets like Uganda, Cote D’Ivoire, and the Central African Republic.

A significant highlight was the acquisition of MTN Zambia’s fibre network, a move that aligns with Bayobab’s Ambition 2025 initiative, aimed at the structural separation of fibre assets. Moreover, the company enhanced its network with specialized routes, particularly the East to West Africa corridor, improving terrestrial fibre connectivity for numerous countries.

A Look to the Future

The successful landing of the 2Africa subsea cable in Ghana and Nigeria marked a fitting end to the year, reinforcing Bayobab’s commitment to connecting Africa with the world. As Bayobab looks ahead to 2024, the company remains steadfast in its mission to drive digital transformation and enhance connectivity across the African continent and beyond, promising a future where digital inclusivity is a reality for all.

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