ST Engineering iDirect on 5G-Satcom Synergy for Enhanced Connectivity

Discover how ST Engineering iDirect, under the leadership of Sridhar Kuppanna, is revolutionizing satellite communications with cutting-edge multi-orbit solutions and AI integration, paving the way for seamless global connectivity.

At MWC 2024, TechAfrica News caught up with Sridhar Kuppanna, Senior Vice President of Engineering at ST Engineering iDirect, to discuss the company’s vision and strategies in the evolving satellite communications industry. Kuppanna highlighted the shift toward multi-orbit solutions, integrating space and ground infrastructures to meet growing demands for seamless connectivity.

“The integration of 5G and satellite networks is not just the future—it’s our present. We are committed to bridging these technologies to deliver seamless connectivity, anywhere and anytime.”

Sridhar Kuppanna, Senior Vice President of Engineering at ST Engineering iDirect

He emphasized the importance of AI in enhancing network efficiency and the role of 5G New Radio Non-Terrestrial Network (NR-NTN) in forging new synergies between terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks. Kuppanna focuses on driving innovation to cater to customer needs, ensuring security and reliability in their offerings.

Looking ahead, virtualization and 5G NTN are set to be game-changers, enabling more flexible and scalable solutions. ST Engineering iDirect aims to provide ubiquitous connectivity, supporting seamless experiences across various environments. This conversation at MWC 2024 offers a glimpse into the future of connectivity, underscoring ST Engineering iDirect’s commitment to advancing satellite communications technology.

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