ST Engineering iDirect Unveils Intuition Ground System for Enhanced Satellite Communication

Intuition offers virtualized infrastructure, multi-orbit support, and orchestration, catering to rising demand for satellite connectivity.

ST Engineering iDirect, a global leader in satellite communications, has unveiled its next-generation ground system, Intuition, at this year’s SATELLITE Conference and Exhibition in Washington D.C. Intuition aims to improve the speed, scale, cost and flexibility of service delivery amidst the satellite industry’s ongoing transformation to empower a connected tomorrow.

An advanced satellite networking ground system that combines major breakthroughs with ST Engineering iDirect’s industry-best technologies, Intuition is built on five core capabilities:

  • Virtualized, Cloud-based Infrastructure to scale services quickly and cost-effectively for the fastest time-to-market.
  • Intelligent, Multi-Orbit Support to deliver services for every application on every orbit.
  • Standards-based Network Convergence to integrate satellite networks seamlessly into the global communications domain.
  • End-to-End Orchestration to dynamically adjust resource and service allocation to meet evolving demand across a network of networks.
  • Flexible Go-to-Market Strategies to reach more customers with the widest range of business models.

We’ve listened intently to our customers’ needs and ambitions. Intuition represents the point where everything comes together – its goal is to constantly learn and anticipate, to understand every aspect of what’s happening inside the network, and to make the right decisions at every step in this increasingly complex environment.

Don Claussen, CEO, ST Engineering iDirect

Demand for satellite connectivity is skyrocketing worldwide across commercial, government and consumer applications. In response, satellite operators are launching an unprecedented volume of new satellites into multiple orbits. This creates new requirements to digitally transform satellite network operations and service delivery, and operators are looking to the broader telecom industry, which is transitioning towards standardization and cloudification.

Intuition will expand operators and providers’ market reach and maximize their growth, standardize and automate their operations, and provide a runway to future opportunities, all while bringing forward the renowned iDirect portfolio of industry-best capabilities to ensure a seamless connectivity experience.

There are billions of dollars in new service revenues at stake in the coming years, driven by new applications, pricing models, and the promise of telco convergence. The most significant opportunities are achievable only to those who are dedicated to the same digital journey that transformed cellular and wireless industries – interoperability in a global, multi-domain, cloud-enabled, standards-based telecom model. This open mindset is the path we believe moves the industry past its traditional growth constraints and delivers the maximum financial return possible on strategic space and ground investments.

Don Claussen, CEO, ST Engineering iDirect

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