Empowering African Operators: MwareTV’s Innovative, Scalable OTT Platform

This conversation not only sheds light on MWareTV’s forward-thinking strategies but also underscores the dynamic potential of Africa’s digital transformation, where technology and market needs converge to create unparalleled opportunities for growth and engagement.

In an engaging interview at the Mobile World Congress 2024, Cees van Versendaal, COO of MwareTV, shared deep insights into the company’s focused strategy on the African market and the latest advancements in its OTT platform technology.

Cees van Versendaal highlighted the significant investments in 4G, 5G, and broadband infrastructure across Africa, which have created a fertile landscape for digital services, particularly video-based offerings. MwareTV’s cloud-native solution is ideally suited for this market, offering essential scalability and cost-effectiveness. This aligns well with the African market’s need for affordable digital services.

With our innovative no-code app builder, we empower African operators to create Telco-grade apps that are not just customized but are also scalable and cost-effective, addressing the unique demands of their diverse market.

Cees van Versendaal, COO of MwareTV

MwareTV’s approach is notably customized to meet the unique demands of African operators and their audiences. They offer a white-label OTT platform that supports live TV, video on demand, and other media services, all tailored to ensure accessibility and affordability for the mass market.

The company’s dedication to innovation is evident in their completely overhauled TV platform. By integrating a billing module, they’ve simplified financial operations for operators. Their no-code app builder is a standout feature, allowing the creation of customized, Telco-grade apps efficiently and cost-effectively.

We’re not just providing a platform; we’re partnering with operators in their growth journey, integrating marketing tools and analytics to ensure that they not only reach but also retain their audience, turning technology into an engine for sustainable success.

Cees van Versendaal, COO of MwareTV

MwareTV also emphasizes marketing support, integrating a module into their platform to aid operators in subscriber acquisition and retention. This includes innovative tools like an influencer module and data analytics, aimed at enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.

A major challenge MwareTV addresses is ensuring a consistent and high-quality user experience across various devices, from mobile phones to large screens. Their app builder manages device-specific requirements, ensuring users enjoy a seamless experience regardless of the platform.

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