AI and Telco Convergence: LigaData’s Approach to Data Monetization

Bassel Ojjeh discusses the company’s innovative approach to leveraging AI, cloud integration, and deep telecom expertise to unlock the potential of telecom data, driving forward transformative solutions for the industry’s future.

TechAfrica News had the privilege of sitting down with Bassel Ojjeh, CEO of LigaData, during MWC 2024 in Barcelona. During the conversation with Akim Benamara, Ojjeh shed light on LigaData’s innovative approach to leveraging AI and big data analytics to drive transformative change in the telco industry.

Ojjeh introduced the concept of a “Telco GPT,” an AI interface customized specifically to comprehend and engage with telecom data effectively. This innovation holds the promise of unlocking new avenues for telcos to harness their data assets and elevate the user experience. LigaData’s Telecom Data Fabric emerged as a key enabler in facilitating the transition of telecom companies into tech-driven entities. By harnessing the vast data resources available to telcos, LigaData empowers them to develop converged products and services tailored to distinct subscriber segments. This emphasis on hyper-personalization enhances efficiency and fosters greater customer satisfaction.

Being a custodian of data, telcos hold vast amounts of subscriber information. Privacy and governance are paramount, but the real value lies in leveraging this data for innovation. By layering applications like segmentation onto robust data governance frameworks, telcos can roll out tailored solutions to enhance the subscriber experience.

Bassel Ojjeh, CEO of LigaData

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