Mastercard and CinemaPlus Partner to Launch CineMastercard for Enhanced Movie Experience

This collaboration marks a significant milestone as CinemaPlus will be rebranded to “CineMastercard,” symbolizing a new era of cinematic experiences.

Mastercard, a global technology leader in the payments industry, and CinemaPlus, Azerbaijan premium class cinema chain are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking strategic partnership. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as CinemaPlus will be rebranded to “CineMastercard,” symbolizing a new era of cinematic experiences combined with unparalleled payment innovations.

The rebranding to CineMastercard is more than a name change; it represents the fusion of two industries—entertainment and financial technology—aiming to enhance the consumer experience in unprecedented ways. This partnership reflects our shared commitment to leveraging technology to make life more convenient, enjoyable, and rewarding.

The decision for CinemaPlus to adopt the Mastercard name signifies a deep strategic alignment between both entities. Mastercard’s expertise in creating cutting-edge payment solutions aligns perfectly with CinemaPlus’s mission to provide outstanding entertainment experiences.

This partnership will unveil a host of innovative features. Expect seamless transactions, enabling faster and safer purchases of tickets and concessions, thanks to the sophisticated payment technology of Mastercard. Additionally, exclusive benefits await Mastercard cardholders, offering them access to special deals, priority screenings, and unique experiences at CineMastercard venues. Mastercard will maintain its offering of exclusive consumer promotions to its cardholders via CineMastercard. Cardholders can look forward to a 10% discount on all ticket, food, and beverage purchases throughout the year.

Furthermore, cardholders will benefit from unique campaigns tailored to cinema events like the Cannes, Berlinale, and Venice Film Festivals, proudly sponsored by Mastercard on a global scale. These campaigns are designed to connect cardholders with exclusive offers all year round. Kicking off the first campaign of 2024 next month, a fortunate couple will win an opportunity to experience the Cannes Film Festival firsthand. They will enjoy the glamour of walking the red carpet with celebrities, witnessing the festival’s events, and taking part in special gatherings and parties, offering them an authentic festival experience.

This partnership is designed to set a new standard in the entertainment industry, offering movie enthusiasts a more immersive and convenient way to enjoy their favorite films.

The rebranding to CineMastercard and our partnership with CinemaPlus are pivotal moments for Mastercard. We are enhancing the movie-going experience, making it more rewarding and accessible. Cinema is an important passion point for Mastercard and we aim to bring Priceless experiences to consumers within the cinema ecosystem.

Emil Zeynalov, Country Manager, Mastercard Azerbaijan

CineMastercard is set to revolutionize the way we think about cinema and payments. With plans to introduce further technological innovations, this partnership is just the beginning of a broader strategy to combine entertainment with seamless payment solutions.

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