Revolutionizing Satellite Connectivity: Yahsat Unveils its D2D Sky Phone

The interview with Suleiman Al Ali provided valuable insights into Yahsat’s efforts to bridge the digital divide in Africa. Through strategic investments, innovative solutions like Sky Phone, and collaborative partnerships, Yahsat is poised to make a significant impact on connectivity across the continent.

At the Mobile World Congress 2024, TechAfrica News had the privilege to interview Suleiman Al Ali, the Chief Commercial Officer of Yahsat and CEO of Thuraya. The discussion shed light on the strategic investments made by Yahsat in the African market and their innovative solutions aimed at addressing the digital divide.

The interview delved into Yahsat’s strategic vision for direct-to-device connectivity, envisioning seamless satellite communication without device modifications. The Sky project, which includes Sky Phone and future initiatives like Sky SMS, aims to revolutionize connectivity, particularly in IoT applications. Al Ali highlighted the potential of these advancements to significantly impact IoT deployment in underserved areas.

At Yahsat, we are driven by a profound belief that connectivity is not just a privilege but a fundamental right for all individuals. Our overarching mission is to connect the unconnected, irrespective of geographical or socioeconomic barriers. Through strategic investments and pioneering solutions like Sky Phone, we are making significant strides towards realizing this vision. By democratizing access to communication, we are empowering communities and fostering inclusive development across Africa and beyond.

Suleiman Al Ali, the Chief Commercial Officer of Yahsat and CEO of Thuraya

One of the highlights of the interview was the introduction of Sky Phone, a groundbreaking innovation in mobile connectivity within the satellite industry. Sky Phone offers both satellite and GSM connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted communication, particularly in remote and underserved areas. Al Ali explained how this innovation aims to bridge the digital divide by providing reliable connectivity to users across Africa, contributing to 100% coverage within countries.

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