Beyond Connectivity: Whale Cloud’s Strategy to Overcome Telco’s Innovation Hurdles

George Zhao, Deputy CMO of Whale Cloud, discusses the company’s innovative solutions and its significant impact on driving digital transformation in the telecommunications industry, with a particular focus on Africa.

In a conversation at MWC 2024, Akim Benamara from TechAfrica News caught up with George Zhao, the Deputy CMO of Whale Cloud, to discuss the company’s latest innovations and its pivotal role in driving digital transformation within the telecommunications industry, particularly in Africa.

Whale Cloud’s highlight was its investment in AI, with the introduction of integrating generative AI with BSS OSS systems for transformative applications like digital human customer agents. This underscores the company’s commitment to revolutionizing customer engagement methods. From streamlining internal operations to revolutionizing customer engagement, the promise of AI looms large in the quest for efficiency and innovation. As Africa emerges as a strategic market, Whale Cloud’s transformative solutions aim to empower telcos in navigating the digital transformation landscape.

Everybody’s talking about AI today, and at Whale Cloud, we are investing quite a lot in AI. Our latest product integrates generative AI with our BSS OSS systems, enabling transformative applications such as digital human customer agents.

George Zhao, Deputy CMO of Whale Cloud

Africa emerges as a strategic market for Whale Cloud, where they have demonstrated significant success stories. George Zhao shared a compelling case study that underscores Whale Cloud’s impact in the region:

Whale Cloud collaborated with Econet Zimbabwe to develop a consumer super app, transforming traditional Telco business models into ecosystem platforms. This innovation facilitates seamless onboarding of Telco and group businesses, driving digital engagement and revenue generation.

Whale Cloud recognizes Telcos’ pivotal role in spearheading digital transformation, particularly in emerging markets like Africa. George Zhao emphasized Whale Cloud’s commitment to providing Telcos with cutting-edge solutions to enhance operational efficiency and drive revenue growth. By empowering Telcos to embrace digital technologies, Whale Cloud facilitates societal transformation and fosters innovation across verticals.

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