MTN and Gauteng Police Board Join Forces to Combat Network Infrastructure Theft

The partnership focuses on safeguarding tower infrastructures, utilizing technology and community collaboration to prevent vandalism.

MTN South Africa, in partnership with the Gauteng Provincial Community Police Board, has announced an innovative collaboration aimed at addressing the escalating issue of network infrastructure theft and vandalism with the goal of safeguarding tower infrastructures and reduce network downtime, thereby minimising its impact on the connectivity experience of subscribers.

During the event, discussions centered around strategies, technological advancements, and community collaboration aimed at combating these widespread issues.

In the initial stage of the partnership, which is currently being implemented in Soweto, a command center has been established with laptops, printers, and other necessary equipment for data collection. Utilising technology such as CCTV cameras and Wi-Fi points, efforts will be made to detect criminal activity and promptly alert responders.

We’re currently witnessing an unprecedented surge in vandalism and theft targeting networking infrastructure. To address this issue, MTN has chosen Soweto as a proof of concept for a partnership between us and the government aimed at finding a solution ahead of rolling it out across the country. Engaging with Community Policing Forums is a strategic decision because of their intimate knowledge of the community, as our primary objective is to collaborate with the community to safeguard infrastructure crucial for socio-economic well-being and development. This partnership underscores MTN’s commitment to working with government to address the socio-economic challenges Faced by all South Africans. Protecting our infrastructure is essential for ensuring the safety and prosperity of our communities. The repercussions of infrastructure damage include disrupted coverage and services, hindering people’s ability to reach out to loved ones or emergency services during crises. Every South African deserves the benefits of a modern, connected life, and we anticipate that this collaboration will be impactful, efficient, and contribute to the safety and stability of our communities.

Ramsey Mosethedi, GM of Stakeholder Relations, MTN SA

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