Avanti Communications Receives Authorization for Satellite Gateway in Senegal

Approval paves the way for operational state-of-the-art infrastructure, advancing telecommunications in Senegal and neighboring West African countries.

Avanti Communications has been granted the authorisation required for its HYLAS 4 satellite gateway station in Diamniadio, Senegal.

The Infrastructure Operator Authorisation, which was granted on 29 February 2024 by the Minister of Communications, Telecommunications and Digital, Mr. Moussa Bocar Thiam, means the gateway’s state-of-the-art infrastructure will now become operational. Avanti will now move on to the final phase of testing before launching its services.

The launch will provide Senegal with complete high-speed national satellite coverage, representing a significant step forward in the country’s telecommunications landscape and supporting the government’s ‘Senegal Digital 2025’ strategy.

Avanti’s satellite coverage will provide reliable, high-speed voice and data to Senegal’s rural communities, schools, hospitals, businesses and government departments, as well as playing a crucial role in improving national security.

Once operational, the gateway is set to be a driving force in Senegal’s digital economy with the potential to generate local employment opportunities. To make this vision a reality, Avanti has committed to investing in Senegal’s growing tech centre and has already started recruiting a team on-the-ground in Diamniadio.

This project has been a labour of love for everyone at Avanti and we now look forward to completing our final tests and launching our services. The tech industry in Senegal is accelerating and we look forward to being right at the forefront of its exciting growth trajectory. I want to extend a special thank you to Honourable Mr. Moussa Bocar Thiam, Minister of Communications, Telecommunications and Digitaland his technical teams, whose collaboration and commitment to the development of telecommunications have undeniably played a role in the success of this gateway project. Additionally, I’d like to thank the Director-General of The Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Posts and his team for their ongoing support which has played a critical role in securing our license.

Kyle Whitehill, CEO, Avanti

Our approval of this new gateway reinforces the development of telecommunications in Senegal. The satellite coverage Avanti will provide is set to enhance the lives of millions of people across the country. Critically, the complete national coverage will increase access to high-speed satellite internet in our schools, hospitals and communities – touching the lives of all those who need it.

Honourable Mr. Moussa Bocar Thiam, Minister of Communications, Telecommunications and Digital, Senegal

In addition to Senegal, the new gateway will extend the coverage of Avanti’s HYLAS 4 satellite to the surrounding West African countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone, Guinea Bissau, Gambia, Liberia and Ivory Coast, making Senegal a key digital hub for the region.

Avanti’s carrier customers will also be able to extend their reach to rural areas and other semi-urban locations where terrestrial networks are currently limited or unreliable.

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