Intelsat and Saudi Net Link Partner to Enhance Connectivity for Global Oil Producer

Intelsat and SNL collaborate to provide reliable satellite connectivity for a leading global oil producer.

Intelsat, operator of one of the world’s largest integrated satellite and terrestrial networks, and prominent telecommunications firm and systems integrator Saudi Net Link (SNL) are working together to provide capacity and services to a Saudi-based, globally integrated energy and chemicals company that is also one of the world’s largest oil producers.

Oil and gas sites are notoriously difficult to connect. Often times, they are located in very remote areas with challenging terrain and extreme weather conditions. However, access to reliable and always-on connectivity is critical to ensure production continuity, continuous monitoring and employees’ safety. That’s why stable and uninterrupted connectivity to a GEO satellite is the best way to tackle this task.

Oil producers rely on Intelsat for network quality and quantity of satellites. With a large number of satellites to choose from customers have the flexibility to access better solutions without having to compromise. Intelsat network resilience and customer service ensure that energy companies are never alone when they need the most help.

This partnership with Intelsat not only meets our business requirements but also addresses the need for personal connection in remote areas, bringing joy to remote workers in offshore locations and the deep deserts of Saudi Arabia.

Mohamed Al Faisal, Business Development Director, Saudi Net Link

Teams at the mining site need to be able to quickly establish a temporary office with enough bandwidth to facilitate basic communication, data transfer, video streaming, and specialized applications that support business continuity. In cases where the exploration sites can only be accessed for a limited period, the ability to quickly deploy a portable connectivity solution is even more pronounced.

Connectivity is crucial to getting the job done quickly and safely. This is what Intelsat and SNL will aim to provide.

Saher Abudaqar, Managing Sales Director in MENA, Intelsat

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