Ericsson and HPE Partner to Revolutionize Financial Services with Cloud-Based Solutions

Ericsson Wallet Platform and HPE GreenLake collaborate to offer agile, scalable, and secure financial cloud services.

Ericsson announces an important collaboration with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to empower digital transformation in financial services by deploying Ericsson Wallet Platform with HPE GreenLake, providing enterprises with cloud-like agility, services, and scalability. The term of the collaboration is set to be announced  at Mobile World Congress 2024. It will mark an agreement of understanding from both companies to drive innovation and deliver advanced financial cloud services to enterprise customers.

Ericsson’s Wallet Platform boasts support for over 400 million registered mobile wallets, processing 2.8 billion transactions valued at over $40 billion monthly. With an open architecture suite of financial service offerings, it has been a leader in the sector.

HPE GreenLake is a leader in hybrid cloud and provides solutions that help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation and business growth. In collaboration with Ericsson, HPE GreenLake will look to streamline Ericsson’s Wallet Platform with modern infrastructure and a fully managed experience. The deployment of Ericsson Wallet Platform with HPE GreenLake will enable enterprises to achieve faster deployment, launch services with elastic scale of infrastructure, and adapt to seasonal variations in transaction traffic.

Our collaboration with HPE not only strengthens our market position but also opens doors for enterprises, allowing them to efficiently leverage our cutting-edge financial services. By integrating the Ericsson Wallet Platform to be delivered with HPE GreenLake, we aim to deliver unparalleled speed, scalability, and security for financial services.

Michael Wallis-Brown, Head, Ericsson Mobile Financial Services

This is a milestone offering for both HPE and Ericsson. Together, we have the opportunity to drive innovation in financial services as well as in IT, unlocking new revenue streams for our enterprise customers and providing their users with the best digital financial services experience.

Phil Cutrone, SVP & GM WW OEM Solutions, Service Providers, and Telco, HPE

This collaboration signifies Ericsson’s strategic evolution beyond traditional Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to embrace enterprise-level partnerships. This shift extends Ericsson’s reach to banks, fintechs, and other enterprises, fostering new opportunities in the dynamic financial services landscape.

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