Google Cloud Boosts African Tech with Johannesburg Cloud Region

Google Cloud opens Johannesburg region, accelerating Africa’s tech growth, supporting startups, and strengthening digital infrastructure.

Google Cloud, led by Niral Patel, Director for Africa, unveils the operational Johannesburg cloud region, enhancing access to high-performance and secure cloud services. This initiative aligns with Google’s $1 billion commitment to catalyze Africa’s digital transformation, emphasizing infrastructure investment and fostering tech talent and startups.

The newly launched cloud region supports Africa’s projected $180 billion internet economy by 2025, constituting 5.2% of the continent’s GDP. An upcoming launch event in Johannesburg will celebrate this milestone, emphasizing the transformative potential for businesses continent-wide.

Key Features:

  • Accelerates Africa’s tech ecosystem, facilitating scalability and innovation for organizations.
  • Expands Google Cloud’s global network to 40 regions and 121 zones, serving over 200 countries.
  • Connected to Google’s secure global network, including the Equiano subsea cable system.
  • Offers training programs on cloud technologies and sustainable business practices.
  • Supports African startups through initiatives like Black Founders Fund Africa and Google for Startups Accelerator Africa.

This strategic move reinforces Google’s commitment to empower African businesses and individuals through advanced cloud solutions, training, and startup support.

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